Lemon Frog Fitness


1-2-1 Muscle Building

If you are seeking to build muscle then we are here to help, there are many different training methods to gain muscle but there are only a few fundamentals to succeed. The fundamentals are progressive overload, muscle tension and metabolic stress. When we design our muscle building plans for clients we focus on these fundamentals whilst building your capabilities into your programme. To build a strong solid physique you need to focus on the compound lifts which we will coach you through during your sessions.  


Nutrition Analysis - During our first week of training we have you keep a food diary so we can assess your current diet to see where we can make small improvements that will lead to those big improvements in health and muscular growth.


Workout App - We will get you set up on our easy to use app where you will receive all your training routines, calorie targets, sample nutrition plans and recipes. You can also keep in contact with us through this app and track your progress from measurements to how much weight you’ve lifted.


Suggested Weekly Sessions - Depending on your current level of experience and equipment access you will require 2-3 training sessions per week. This aids the learning and habit engraining process in order to gain results. Amount of sessions can be amended along the way (you won’t need to see us this much forever).


Daily Nutrition Checks - Along with checking your total daily calories we will also analyse your nutrition logged through our app to help offer up advise on where improvements can be made if needed.


Measurement Updates - We will retake your measurements once every 4 weeks (more often if preferred) to ensure progress is being made and is continuing in the right direction.


Private Training Facility - The Lemon Frog Fitness Company is a private training facility strictly for 1-1 training so you will have full discretion during all of our sessions.


£300 Per 10 sessions.