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Fat Loss Online Coaching

If you feel confident enough to train on you're own but unsure how to create an effective plan for fat loss then online coaching is probably best suited for you. Our online coaching service isn't a mass produced PDF plan, it is a personally designed fat loss programme for YOU!! Most people will cut all there favourite foods from their diet and perform long boring cardio sessions to try lose fat, often never seeing results. We take a different approach, we allow you to keep your favourite foods whilst performing fun effective workouts which do achieve great results. 


What online coaching will include:


Continuous Contact - At the end of each week we like to touch base with all of our clients to see how they are getting on and if they have everything they need for the upcoming week. We have found this helps keep you on top of everything and motivated for the upcoming week to succeed and do well.


Monthly Skype Calls - During your 12 week coaching you will receive a Skype call the week before your new programme is made. During this call we will discuss in greater detail your current progress, training routine and goals. You will also be asked a series of questions in order for me to design your next routine and set new nutrition & habit goals.


Nutrition Analysis - During our first week of training we will assess your current diet to see where we can make small improvements that will lead to those big improvements in health and fat loss.


Workout App - We will get you set up on our easy to use app where you will receive all your training routines, calorie targets, sample nutrition plans and recipes. You can also keep in contact with us through this app and track your progress from measurements to how much weight you’ve lifted.


Suggested Weekly Sessions - We create your programme specifically to you and your availability to train, however we would suggest you train a minimum of three times per week.


Daily Nutrition Checks - Along with checking your total daily calories and step count we will also analyse your nutrition logged through the app to help offer up advise on where improvements can be made if needed.


Measurement Updates - We will schedule your measurements and pictures to be taken once every 4 weeks to ensure progress is being made and continuing in the right direction. You can also upload pictures onto the app.


£50 per month.