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Do you enjoy going to the gym but struggle to know what exercises to do?

Do you need a little help sticking to a programme, but want to freedom to do it in your own time?

Then this is for you.

Do you want to lose body fat and build confidence as you’ve never had before? Do you want to build a stronger and healthier body whilst still enjoying your favourite foods and not performing hours of cardio? 



If the answer is yes then read on.



I want to take a minute to tell you about a client of mine.


This client was seriously struggling with achieving fat loss she tried everything in the past -


  • Low-Calorie Diets

  • Detox Drinks

  • Hours of Cardio

  • Group Classes

  • Slimming World

  • Other Personal Trainers


And despite all her hard work, her efforts, and the amount of reading she’d done on the subject, she just could not see results.


She was at her wit's end. 


Tired, exhausted, angry, and feeling like fat loss just wasn’t for her.


She gave up hope and believed her body shape and weight couldn't be changed.


I’m sure you know the feeling.


You try the low calorie and carb diet, performing hours of cardio & classes, or the detox diets and get nowhere.






But we took a different approach to what everyone “thinks” they should do and we applied what you should do and this was the outcome. 

monique change.png

How does everyone else seem to make this so easy?


You’re desperate to be leaner with more body confidence yet whatever you try just doesn’t work.


But listen up, because I’m here to tell you something very important:


It’s not your fault.


See, the fitness is lying to you and telling you things that not only fail to get you results but could be harming your progress.



Everything You’ve Been Told About Losing Body Fat Is Wrong!!

Lots of cardio is not the answer to fat loss, yes it burns a lot of calories but not all of those calories come from fat, they come from stored carbs and muscle too. Both are important to building that lean and defined body shape you desire. 


Group Classes - No one ever built their dream body by attending group classes, I’m sorry but it’s true. Group classes again are great for burning calories just like cardio but it lacks the muscle building and fat burning you need to create that defined body you want to achieve.


Crash Diets Do Not Work - Embarking on these low-calorie fad diets never work for 3 main reasons:


  1. They do not teach you how to maintain your new low weight once achieved that’s why 90% of people regain all the weight they lost and more once they’ve reached their target weight.

  2. You mess with your hunger hormones, you see your body doesn’t want to lose weight, it wants to stay at maintenance this is where your body is happy. When you slash your calories right down your bodies satiety hormones go out of quilter, your hunger hormone (ghrelin) skyrockets and your satiety hormone (leptin) plummets. Your body wants you to eat, so what it does is makes you more aware that you're hungry to search for food. 

  3. Your body slows down, now despite what you may have heard about the “starvation response” where your body stores fat because it’s worried about food, this is false. However, there is a slight truth that stems from this. Your body has a built-in mechanism called Adaptive Thermogenesis. On very low calorie diets your body will use this mechanism to slow you down, you’ll fidget less, stand less, not hold your posture so well all because your body is tired and trying to stop you from burning calories. 


So as you can see embarking on low-calorie diets will not do you any favours, the odds are stacked against you.


There's a proven way to help you lose body fat, build a lean, strong defined body, and improve your confidence with:


No expensive pills

No expensive supplements.

No hours of boring cardio.

No expensive or plain boring foods.


If you’re sick of following plans that include the above then ask yourself this:


Do I feel unconfident in beachwear?
Do I feel intimidated and lost in the gym environment?
Do I struggle to see any change in my body despite my hard efforts?
Are their parts of my body I hate to see or feel? 
Am I ready to put an end to being unconfident and start achieving results and feel happy in my body?


If you answered “YES” to any of the above and you want to achieve fat loss, build a lean, strong, more defined body and boost your body confidence, then keep reading. 



Losing body fat, 

Building amazing strength,

Having a new surge of energy,

Finally having self control around food,

And having that body confidence you wish to have.

This is exactly what my client Darren achieved when he started working with me.


He was already doing all the things he thought he should be in regards to training and nutrition but was struggling to see the results he wanted. 


Because of the abundance of information out there, he was confused and unsure where to place his focus.


Darren came on board to learn what it was he needed to be doing, how to structure his training programmes and what his nutrition should be like. 

Darren front .JPG

This is what we were able to achieve with the few simple tweaks I’m about to share with you. 


Not only has Darren achieved an incredible transformation in his body but also his strength, energy, and confidence too.


His Incline bench press has increased by 15kg and his bent-over row by a massive 37.5kg.


His energy has gone through the roof and no longer feels lethargic at work.


And for the first time in a long time, he felt confident enough to take his top off on holiday. 

We all want to feel more confident in our bodies and able to undress down to our swimwear without cringing or feeling anxious.


There is absolutely no shame at all in wanting to feel good and look good naked. 


I want you to feel that way and I believe you can and I’m going to give you 3 key things you need to apply to make that happen.


Weight Training Is A Must!!!!


If you truly want to build a leaner and stronger body that you're proud of then weight training is non-negotiable.


I can’t tell you how many people who have approached me and stated they’re trying hard to get the results they want but are struggling. 


They’re training 5 days a week but yet still no change.


I truly believe 90% of them were trying hard but the thing they all had in common was they spent those 5 days in classes or performing cardio.

Katie Back Nov.png

This is the same story for my client Katie before she started with me.


She was training hard 5 days a week but was all classes and cardio.


She sometimes ventured into using weights but was scared to lift heavy.


She was unhappy with her body looked as she felt like she didn’t have any shape to it.


Fast forward to now and Katie has completely transformed her physique and added a whopping 100kg to her Hip Thrusts, can now do 8 full press-ups and 6 chin-ups, before she couldn’t do any.  

Understanding Nutrition & Calories


Not Knowing or understanding nutrition and calories is where most people go wrong. One of the biggest mistakes I come across is people thinking that healthy foods mean low calories.


It doesn’t, healthy food also contains calories, and sometimes they can be very high.


Remember Monique at the start?


Our main focus became learning and educating around calories and nutrition.


Once we made this our focus and she started learning about calories her body fat dropped every single week without fail, she was able to lose 2 stone and 60 cm of body fat.


Do you also remember she came to me thinking she was unable to lose any weight and accepted she would always be overweight? 


How wrong was she?


Start learning about calories and you too will start seeing your body fat levels drop.


Address Your Environment 


THE main reason people find it so hard to achieve their results is down to their environment. 


If your environment is making it hard to take action, find motivation, cement new healthy habits, and eat well. Whilst at the same time making it easy to skip workouts and keep bad habits then you are going to be fighting a losing battle when it comes to hitting your goals. 


This is what was holding back my client Julia from achieving results.


Her cupboards where full of chocolate and sweets. 


She met her friends every week for coffee in cafes that sold her favourite cakes.


Her Fitbit was buried in her drawer, out of sight out of mind. 


Through just 30 minutes of planning and chatting, we changed her environment to suit her goals. 


We swapped her high calorie treats she couldn’t control herself around for lower calories ones she could. 


We changed the location and/or choices she would meet her friends for coffee.


And we dug her Fitbit out to make her accountable to her movement. 


As a result of this, she lost 3kg in week one. 


Another 2 weeks later.


And another 4 weeks after that (which was during Christmas) and at no point did she feel restricted.  


As you can see I keep things simple.


No magical sounding solutions like detox your way to fat loss or improving your insulin levels to stop your body from storing fat.


Just practical solutions that ACTUALLY work and anyone can do. 


You can do all of this right now for FREE and see results.


The thing is you can learn and achieve anything you want with a simple google search all the information you can ever need is right there.


However, that information isn’t tailored to your needs and you’ll have to sit and read all that information thoroughly.


Try each strategy, technique, and programme for a couple of months before knowing if it's going to work for you or not. 


6 months down the line you're starting to become disheartened because you haven’t found the right approach yet and sick of spending hours of research each week to find what's right. 


This is one of the main reasons I have created Lemon Frog Fitness Online Coaching.


Who wants to sit trying to figure out the right solution? 


Who wants to waste time chasing the wrong plan that doesn’t work for them or fit their lifestyle?


Time is precious once it’s gone we can’t get it back.


Our lifestyles and capabilities are unique, a random programme online isn’t going to be able to factor that in for you.


This is why LFF has been so successful for others.


It saves you time because I have sat and done all the research for you saving you time and removing all the confusion around what’s right and what’s wrong.


It suits your lifestyle and capabilities perfectly because I take the time to learn about you and programme things to fit around you.



Now, this programme isn’t for everyone.


I have had people before think that by starting with me they’re going to achieve their goals with minimal effort.


I’ve had people who have not been serious.


They like the idea of being leaner, stronger, and more body confident but haven’t wanted to put the effort in.


And that’s okay like I said this isn’t for everyone.


But if you are still reading this then this already tells me you’re different.


You’re ready to be guided in the right direction, you’re ready to put that effort in, and you’re ready to finally achieve that leaner, stronger and more confident you.


So let’s get into what it involves. 


- Fully bespoke and tailored to you. Set up from the start to take into account your lifestyle and goals through our in-depth questionnaire. 


- Phased training programmes created to help ensure continuous progress is achieved and enjoyment and motivation remain high.


- Nutrition guidance specifically for you, I will implement the best approach for you. Complimented with templates, guides, and ongoing education around calories and nutrition. 


- Weekly check-ins with me. We will set key tasks and focuses each week whilst reviewing the previous week covering your training, nutrition, and habits. 


- Access to coaching app where we will keep a record of all your training sessions, progress such as measurements, weight lifted, and scale weight with the option of recording your nutrition and calories too.


- Full contact and support via the coaching app, email, or WhatsApp. 


- Access to the private Facebook group with a support community and prized challenges. 


- Full-on guarantee to the best results, when adhered to the programme and communication, is kept. 


The question is how much does it cost?


The LLF Online Coaching costs £150 a month or £375 for 3 months.


That’s just £4-£5 a day which is less than you’d spend per day on a Tesco meal deal and a coffee.  


Can you imagine having a leaner, stronger body along with more confidence for that cheap?


But that’s not all you receive.


You’ll receive full access to:

All 14 recipe books containing 400+ recipes.

15 Survival guides, full-calorie guides to popular eateries, including places such as Costa, Vue Cinema, Nandos, KFC, and many more.

Access to my 90-day client journey.

Fully custom workout scheduler. 



Not only that but LFF Online Coaching comes with a money-back guarantee.  


In the incredibly unlikely situation that you’re not completely happy, I’ll refund every penny you pay.


Got questions?


That’s normal. Actually, that’s GREAT - it shows you truly care about your results.


If you’re wondering about anything, I’ve answered a list of the most commonly asked questions below:



Q) Is there a guarantee?



Yes. If you’re not happy for any reason whatsoever, I offer a 100%, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee for up to 3 months after purchase.



Click to take this offer. APPLY HERE




Q) What kind of results can I expect with LFF Online Coaching



First and foremost, you’ll achieve a leaner and better-shaped body. I’m also confident you’ll build strength, improve your confidence, your nutrition, and feel more energised. 



To see the results other men and women like you are getting, CLICK HERE 



Q) Would I just be given a generic plan and left to it?


Certainly not, all the programmes within LFF Online Coaching are bespoke programmes to the individuals that sign up. You will also be fully supported along the way, whether you have any questions, don't understand something, or need motivation, I am just one message away. You will also have frequent check-ins throughout your entire journey to ensure constant progression is being made. 



Q) What if my goals or schedule changes during the programme?



I will make the much-needed changes and adjust the programme accordingly to suit your new goals and your new schedule. 


Q) How can you help me achieve my goals and perform the correct technique online?


Every exercise you receive comes with a video tutorial and explanation to help ensure you are performing the technique correctly, my current clients also send me videos of themselves performing the exercises they feel they're struggling with. I then analyse their technique and send back the necessary adjustments and tips needed. 


Q) Will my plan require a gym membership?


Although gym memberships are highly advised for best results they are not necessary as I have helped people achieve their goals from the comfort of their home but equipment is needed. I can also recommend what equipment is best to invest in for home workouts to get the best results possible.


Q) How do the plans work? 


Once the initial questionnaire that's sent to you has been filled out and sent back we will agree on a start date. 


The start date will give us time to create your bespoke plans and a chance for you to get food shopping and everything in place to hit the ground running. All plans will be reviewed and adjusted as we go along.




Q) How does the support work online?


Each of my clients receives my full support throughout their entire journey, with regular skype/facetime check-ins along with email and messaging support. I am only ever a message away and here to answer all of your questions and help you with any barriers you may be facing. 



Now you have all these answers, the only question is -



Q) Do I truly want to build a leaner body and better shape without punishing myself or my tastebuds to get there?


If the answer is yes then click the button below.

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