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What Sugar is Really Doing To Our Bodies

Sugar is sweet for our taste buds but not our bodies. It may seem like a great idea to constantly feed our bodies with sugary drinks and treats, you satisfy your taste buds and get that burst of energy, your brain release’s dopamine (a reward motivated behaviour). But what is it doing after this initial rush? Have you ever become tired after a sugary treat? That’s our bodies crashing after the initial good feeling. This crash is created by the brain countering this alien rush by releasing serotonin (a sleep regulating hormone).

Sugar can cause insulin resistance, insulin is a hormone made by the pancreas and keeps your blood sugar from getting to high or too low. Building up a resistance can be detrimental to your health and lead to disease’s such as diabetes. After the insulin resistance starts soon to follow is metabolic dysfunction, this is a disorder that affects your metabolism.

Today’s population seem to fear eating fat when in fact its added sugar that creates all the problems and highly contributes to obesity far more than saturated fat. Added sugar is one of the worst ingredients in today’s diets, causing harmful effects on our bodies and contributing to a wide range of disease’s not just obesity.

This is not news to us but added sugar is also terrible for our teeth, the reason why is that it provides all the bad bacteria in our mouths with easily digestible food, which causes them to be able to multiply and slowly start to erode our teeth away.

The list goes on about how bad sugar can be for us backed with various studies proving how bad it is, but the good news is you can help stop these effects taking place by slowly removing or at least heavily remove the risk by limiting your sugar intake. Slowly start by removing sugar from diet, less in tea and coffee, less sugary drinks and treats and your brain and body will start to enjoy foods without it. It may take a few weeks to adjust to it but the benefits will last a lifetime.

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