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Time is Precious, Make it Work For You

Trying to find time to go the gym can often be difficult, things can pop up last minute and interrupt our designated time for the gym. The key is to not completely write off the time you had planned for the gym but make the little time you have work to your advantage; Doing something is 1000’s times better than doing nothing. It helps you keep up a great habit, because a habit is something easy to stick to. You feel good for still working out and taking extra step towards your goal, you will burn more calories than if you would have done nothing.

Therefore, I have put together a quick home workout using nothing but your body. complete these exercises back to back with non-or minimal rest:

20 Prisoner Squats

10 Push Ups 3 Rounds

15 Jump Squats 60-90 Seconds rest between sets

10 Up Down Planks

There you have it a quick body weight routine you can perform no matter where you are. To increase intensity and lower the rest time or increase the reps.

Thanks for reading and train smart 😊


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