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The Best Eating Plan to Lose Body Fat

There are a lot of conflicting theories on when you should eat and how often you should eat to lose body fat. This information ranges from:

  • You should eat 6 meals a day to you should only eat 2 meals a day

  • Skipping breakfast to eating breakfast

  • you must eat carbs to you shouldn’t eat carbs

All this different advice can be confusing as they all claim to be the only way to lose weight, with all this contradicting information it can be hard to know what to focus on and which is right. Truth is there is no right or wrong answer it all comes down to being in a calorie deficit and what you can stick to and if you can see yourself sticking to the same eating habits a year down the line. If the answer is no then the diet probably isn’t for you. For instance, if you need to eat breakfast in the morning and you can’t function without food first thing you probably shouldn’t try intermittent fasting. Whereas if you can’t stomach the thought of breakfast in the morning, intermittent fasting is a good viable option.

Everyone is different some things work some don’t, the reason why people struggle to see any results is they try and do something completely out of habit, it gets too hard and they quit.

Listen to your body and FOCUS (follow one course until successful) don’t just hop on the latest trend in diet or exercise, find out what works for you and stick to it. A lot of people will see small or minimal progress from what they are following and not be satisfied with the results as they aren’t quick enough and quickly jump onto another trend then get frustrated they don’t see great results. Why would you change something that works for you if its quick progress or slow, it’s still progress regardless of it being quick or not. Losing weight is not a quick and easy progress for everyone some people drop fat easily, some don’t that’s just life unfortunately. But what isn’t different for everyone is they must stay consistent in what they do.

“Rome wasn’t built in a day” and neither are our bodies, it’s a slow progress so why make it gruelling and painful by following a routine you don’t enjoy. Make one small change once every 2-4 weeks, such as cutting out unnecessary snacking, have a smaller portion of carbs and a bigger portion of protein or vegetables with every meal. Drink an extra glass of water per day all these small tips can help you lose weight and really aren’t hard to stick to. Give it ago and see how it can work for you without punishing yourself by following something unrealistic, be consistent and enjoy the process.

Becoming healthier and fitter should be fun and enjoyable, if it’s not then you are doing something wrong.

Thanks for reading and eat smart 😊

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