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Get Inside Your Workouts

Get Inside Your Workouts

It’s all good and well turning up to the gym and working out, your there and your training but in fact you are only half way there. When you turn up to train you need to be focused on what you are doing this is what separates great progress from okay progress. This particularly applies to resistance training, when training with weights or body weight you need to really focus on the movement you are performing, a lack of concentration during this can kill your results. If you are squatting thinking about what you are going to do later or on the weekend you are not going to be giving it your all. Whereas if you concentrate on pushing the weight through your heels, keeping your core in tight and squeezing your glutes at the top of the movement you will engage your muscles properly. This will result in lifting heavier along with pushing out more reps, equalling more calories burnt. The reason you will be able to increase the reps and weight through more concentration Is because when you aren’t focussing you instantly stop at the number of reps you are wishing to perform. Once you begin to focus you will soon be able to see that you can push past this barrier to perform to your best ability.

It also helps to visualize how your muscles work and contract, being able to do this gives you greater strength in certain movements. For instance, if you were to perform a single arm row and just pull the weight up, chances are you are pulling from your wrist and over engaging your biceps. When you over engage your biceps in this movement you are not targeting the area you are trying to work and will tire quicker than you should. What you should be doing is visualize pulling with your back muscles, to do this you need to image you are pulling the weight through your elbow. Once you learn to do this you will be able to use heavier weights and work a bigger muscle group, again equalling more calories burnt.

Having a strong visualization and concentration is very important when it comes to exercising, being able to install that image of how you see yourself once you have reached your goals and visualizing how you would feel to look like really helps to push you. Being able to have this strong image in your head helps spur you to concentrate harder for every session, again this separates great progress from okay progress.

My task for you is to go away from this blog and visualize and write down how you want to look, picture yourself a dress size smaller, picture yourself with visible abs or picture yourself stronger and more muscular which ever your goal is. Now picture how you would feel to achieve this and write down your feelings. Now you have a list of how you want to look and how you would feel to look this way. All you need to do is take these thoughts into the gym with you and concentrate on your workout and meeting those goals. Doing this alone is going to help increase concentration and improve your performance in the gym along with reaching your goals.

Thank you for reading, train smart 😊

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