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Staying on Track

Struggling to stay on track with your healthy eating and exercise routine? Try these small tips to help keep you focussed and on track.

Stick your goals EVERYWHERE!

Write down your top 3 goals and stick them to places you see regularly every day. I suggest choosing places such as:

  • The bathroom mirror. Every morning and night you brush your teeth. This means that you will start and finish your day thinking about how badly you want to reach your goals. Particularly important for starting the day as this positive mind set will help you chose the right paths though out the day.

  • Sticking them on the fridge. By doing this you are forced to rethink every time you go to grab some food, am I hungry? Am I just eating because I’m bored? Could I eat a healthier snack such as an apple until tea time? This can help cut out a lot of unnecessary snacking and bad eating habits.

  • In your purse or wallet. Write down your goals on a card and force yourself to look at these goals every time you use your purse or wallet.

These tips will help you picture your goals more throughout the day, therefor making you work harder for them as you are constantly reminded of them.

Download a calorie counter app

Do you know how much you are eating? Most people don’t and are very surprised at how many calories they are eating vs how much they should be eating, it may shock you when you find out. To start this is going to seem like a pain in the ass but after you get used to doing it its simple and less effort. Trust me I have done this myself and benefitted greatly from it.

Get a workout buddy

Finding the right workout partner can give you great success in towards staying on track, they will motivate you and push you that extra 10% in training. We all have those days where we feel lazy and unmotivated to exercise, but this is where your workout partner can lift you out of that mood and convince you to exercise. My guess by the time you finished you will feel a lot better after completing your session than you would have if you stayed at home.

So, try applying these 3 small tips in your daily routines and you will reap the benefits and find it easier to stay on track.

I hope you enjoyed these tips 😊


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