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How To Make 2018 Count

It’s the new year and everyone is out to do as much as they can and make it their year, fitness goals, health goals, business goals, life goals etc etc. But after the first month a lot of people give up before even giving it a real chance, if you want to succeed your going to have to push through the hard bits it takes 21 consecutive days to make a habit. Now you’re not going to be doing the things you need to every single day such as training, if you did you would wipe yourself out. We are going to give ourselves 66 days to form a habit, after this it becomes a lot simpler. So here are some examples to make it easier to stick to your goals here.

Don’t overwhelm yourself

You can overwhelm yourself in many ways, the two ways that are most common is by trying to change too much at once and trying to do too much. K,I,S,S Keep It Simple Stupid is a great principal to follow for this, don’t try and change too many things at once stick to one or two things to change monthly. This may be swap a chocolate snack for a homemade chocolate protein yoghurt, just add half a scoop of chocolate protein to 150g of Greek yoghurt then you have something chocolaty but healthy. Another habit change could be to learn more, substitute thirty minutes of pointless social media browsing and replace it with reading a book. You can also overwhelm yourself by overthinking tasks such as going to the gym. A lot of people talk themselves out of going to the gym because they think I have so much to do there I don’t have the energy or time. To get around this make it simpler just tell yourself you are going to the gym just to get the first exercise done and you can leave after, nine times out of ten you’ll stay to finish. Stop making it harder than it needs to be keep it simple and it will be much easier to stick to.

Plan it all

Nothing works without a plan, big business projects, finding cures, building sky scrapers, these things have a plan to guide them, why treat your goals differently? When you have a plan, you have a sense of direction to aim towards without one you are simply winging it, sure there have been some big successes from chance. But why chance it when you can get a solid full proof plan in place to direct you to where you want to go. I suggest writing down EVERYTHING! If your goal is weight loss you should plan your workouts, what you’re going to train, what time, where and for how long. Do the same with your meals, how many calories, how many meals and snacks, what times are you going to eat, the more you can write down the more productive and more focused you will be. Okay this may sound like a lot of effort at first but at most it will take you a couple hours if that, what’s a couple hours of being on the right road compared to hours on a road that might lead you to the wrong destination. Plan it out, get on the right track.

Research, learn and educate

You really need to do your research before attempting any new goals if you want to make results. You need to learn about what is going to work, trying to reach your goals without knowing anything about what it takes to get there will set you up for failure. If weight loss is your goal start researching on how to lose weight, read blogs, watch youtube videos, listen to podcasts. You need to find out what foods to eat and what exercises to perform, this will help you create your plan and make sure its full proof. But be aware as there is a lot of rubbish out there too, take your time with your research don’t believe the first thing you read or hear. There are many ways to lose weight, you need to find one that works for you, I recommend following a plan that uses weights and natural foods.

And that’s how you to make sure you get the best out of 2018 and ensure you reach your goals, don’t try and juggle too many things at once focus on two key points and then move forward from there.

Thank you for reading.

Happy New Year 😊


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