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How I Always Hit My Fitness Goals

If you aren’t hitting your fitness goals then it all comes down to one thing and one thing only, your mindset. The reason I am always able to hit my fitness goals no matter if they are increasing weight or decreasing weight, building strength or improving fitness levels, my mind is set and I will do everything in my power to reach them. I set my self a goal and I tackle it every which way possible, as humans we are goal striving built. Ever heard of someone being successful who didn’t have a goal? No of course not, to be successful you need to have a goal, a clear vision and an understanding of how to get there.

Having a goal is only half the battle, if you don’t have the right mindset or determination to go out and reach it you are never going to reach it, period. People say they would like to achieve such and such but put no real effort to go and get it. They only want to put half the work in, if you want something you need to put 100% of the work in. 100% doesn’t mean a 100% of your time it just means consciously making an effort. For instance at the moment my goal is to get lean (holding minimal body fat) I train once a day and eat healthy and natural foods in two big meals and two-three snacks day. Thats all it takes, I counted my calories for one week now I know how many I’m eating a day without counting. Now most people cant be bothered to do this, but what is one week of your life? Nothing.

Nothing in life worth having comes easy other wise everyone would have it, if getting in your best shape was easy everyone would be in amazing shape. To get in shape isn’t easy but its going to be near impossible if you don’t make sacrifices and form new good habits. It becomes easy once you have the right discipline and determination, very easy in fact. Often people think I’m strange because I eat healthy natural food 90% of the time and train hard as much as I can. But I find it very easy because I am getting closer to a goal I have set, small disruptive satisfactions don’t compare to a big satisfaction of completing a goal I have set myself. Because of this, a small ten second satisfaction is not hard to avoid, its a small sacrifice to make compared to achieving something awesome. I think its strange how people have a goal but don’t reach them because they wont make one small change to set them on the right track and get distracted by these ten seconds of pleasure. Put it this way if your goal is to lose weight, are you going to remember that one donut or one pizza from the rest you have throughout the week, I can guarantee not. But will you remember that feeling of the first time you got very healthy and fit, you worked your butt off to achieve it and felt amazing. Of course you are thats a huge celebration and victory for yourself you should shout about it and be very proud.

Right now you are wishing to achieve your goals but also sat there not striving to reach them, ask yourself why this is? What is it stopping you? You want this and you owe it to yourself to achieve it. Working towards your goals is like riding a bike, unsteady and tough to start, you struggle with the balance but once you are moving you are completely steady. This is how humans work when you are pushing for a goal, its tough to start off and get yourself moving but once your on your way its easier. You will be happier moving forward towards your goals rather than stagnant not going anywhere. At the end of the day you are the only one preventing yourself from moving forwards towards your goals, no one else.

When setting your goals you need to make sure that they are your own and not someone else’s. In this day and age it is very easy to get caught up in what you see online and on tv, you may end up chasing someone else’s goal that you like the look of. Everyone is unique and different, setting out after goals someone else has set can set you up for failure as it may not be realistic for you to achieve.

You also need to understand that no one is perfect everyone makes mistakes and goes off track from time to time. Sometimes I fall off the track but the difference between me and others is that I don’t beat myself up about it, it can be easily fixed so I carry on moving towards my goal. I also don’t let myself get discouraged or find myself stagnant I adjust my course and keep going. Once you stop and sulk thats it your in a rut, you feel bad and that rut is hard to get out of. Next time you do something wrong instead of thinking I cant do this its too hard, think okay that way didn’t work lets try another way and see if that works. The way you get better at things is by learning what not to do, because next time you won’t make the same mistakes.

To change your mindset you need to be willing to embrace challenges, accept failures, learn new things weekly, persist through the hard times and push towards your goals daily. Doing these things will set you up on the road for success and happiness.

We all have the ability and power to be great with successes in our lives we just need to have the correct attitude and goals to pursue them.

Thank you for reading I hope this has helped motivate you. :)


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