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Don't Quit Keep Going

Getting in shape is not as easy as some people preach, its a complete shock to your system and it can be scary and tough. A lot of us don’t like to venture out of our comfort zones we like to stay put where we know what to expect. If this is you then understand this, you may feel safe and content now but imagine how much happier you could feel by pushing outside of your comfort zone. Pushing out of your comfort zone forces your body and brain to adapt to new and improved changes. Pushing yourself academically means you become more intelligent, pushing yourself physically means you become fitter, healthier and stronger, pushing yourself further in your hobby means you can read more books, play football more skilfully or dance smoother than you ever have before. Pushing and challenging yourself is the only way to improvement “if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you”.

Its scary pushing yourself, you are in unfamiliar, uncomfortable territory, you’re scared of failing which you associate with losing. When it gets tough and you feel like you may fail, you quit and don’t decide to press on which in your eyes isn’t failing as you chose to stop. This is the last thing you should do. Picture a baby trying to walk, think of how many times they will fall over, bump their head, bruise their leg and fail. Ever met someone who cant walk? No, because they didn’t get up despite all their failures, they just learned from it instead. We are all born with two fears, loud noises and falling, every other fear is learned through society and up bringing. This means you have learned this fear, now its time to unlearn it.

You can either view that failing is terrible which means you should give up if you fail at something. Better yet, you can view it as growth because you learn from it and can become better with every failure. You learn something from every failure you come across, you learn what doesn’t work so you try a new approach that will. If that approach fails then you take another and another then you find something that works and boom you are well on your way.

So I urge you to not quit when things get tough but to embrace it. Grab the challenge by the horns and go all in because you will succeed on the other side. Whether it is instant success or a failure that leads to success you will be one step closer to your goals. Once you get past the complete shock of your new eating routine or new training routine it will no longer be tough or scary but easy and enjoyable to stick to.

Don’t be a quitter be a winner.

If you have any other questions you can contact me through my facebook page The Lemon Frog Fitness Company, my Instagram @lemon_frog_fitness or email

Thanks for reading :)


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