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My Recent Struggles

My Recent Struggles

Personal trainers are often placed in a certain light, people expect that training, nutrition and motivation come easy to us. People judge that as its our job it’s a lot easier to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and body. This is not true us personal trainers also have times where we don’t want to train, we can’t be bothered to prep meals and we lose focus. Recently I have been battling all of this more often than not.

I have been suffering with a shoulder injury for 16 months now, 16 months of hardly being able to train, back, chest, shoulders or arms. Thats 2-4 different days of training routines that I have lost including my favourite body part to train, back. That alone feels like a huge demotivation, the session I can no longer do was my most favourite of the week, luckily legs is another. On top of that injury I have some how managed to trap nerves in my neck, don’t ask me how, I’m a mess right. The issues bought on with this stops me from sled pushes, certain core exercises, some rehab exercises for my shoulder and even leg exercises. Sometimes it even stops me from standing or cooking for periods of time and need to lay down to relieve it. As you can imagine it kind of feels like my world has been flipped upside down, but the injuries aren’t even the worst bit. The worst bit is no professional can give me and end in sight, that’s what gets me down the most.

There have been some weeks I haven’t trained at all, due to lack of motivation, there has been some workouts I’ve walked out on due to frustration. On a whole it is safe to say my motivation has been low a lot of the time. Sometimes it even affects my nutrition to, my diet is never bad as I do enjoy eating healthy as I feel 10x better but it seems more of an effort now than before.

But despite all this I can not just give up and I won’t, sure I’ve had a lot of bad days where I skipped the gym or ate an “unhealthy” meal. That doesn’t mean I am going to give up all together though, everyday is a new day, you should think the same way to. It is completely normal for you to not want to go to the gym everyday of your life and nor should you have to. Every meal doesn’t have to be super healthy either, force feeding yourself isn’t going to help. When you have days like this you need to draw a line through it and get back to it the next day. One bad day or even week isn’t going to make you fat, thats like worrying one healthy day or week of eating and training will make you skinny, it’s not going to happen.

We all have our issues and problems, things that kill our motivation. Staying 100% motivated all year around is impossible for anyone, most people on social media just tend not to show it. This is why people often think its easy for personal trainers because a lot of them only share the highs and never the lows. They consider it to be motivating “I can train, eat healthy and stay motivated all year so can you”. When in actual fact it makes them seem to be not human, you can’t relate to them and it actually demotivates you because you think why aren’t I like them.

It’s not always easy picking myself back up after a demotivating day or week but once I do I feel so much better for it and so will you. We all have goals we want to achieve, we know what will help us achieve them and what won’t. Giving up completely and throwing the towel in will make you feel worse and a failure. But failing for a week then picking yourself back up will make you a winner and an achiever.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and helps you see than even I struggle to, so don’t beat yourself up when you do, just push on.

Thank you for reading :)

P.s I am currently waiting on an MRI scan and to see a shoulder clinic so finger crossed something starts to improve.

If you have any other questions you can contact me through my facebook page The Lemon Frog Fitness Company, my Instagram @lemon_frog_fitness or email

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