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My First Surfing Experience

So this week I got together with a couple of friends and headed to Newquay to attempt some surfing for the first time ever. Considering I live in Devon I have never really done any form of water sports. I am not the most confident swimmer and I don’t like my face going under water, especially in the sea, which surfing consists a lot of, especially if you are bad at it like me. This was the first time I had ever been to a beach in Newquay to, I really need to get out more.

Once we got there I had to rent everything as I don’t own a wetsuit or any practical foot wear for the sea. I hate going in bare foot ever since I got stung by a weever fish in Spain, and accidentally walked into a jellyfish in Ibiza. Anyway, kit was rented and I was ready to go tackle some waves, its safe to say I was the worst one there. And I manage to annoy a lot of surfers by getting in their way and falling off in front of them, I even ended up on my mates board mid wave instead of mine at one point. Every time I tried to get from kneeling to standing I would fall flat on my face or even just get washed completely off the board. But I’m not a quitter so I stayed persistent and was determined that I would stand by the end of the day. As the day went on I became more and more doubtful, we spent ninety minutes in there before having a quick rest, I was still no closer to standing. Despite being dreadful I was loving the process in trying to learn and was excited to keep going.

I grabbed a snack, sun creamed up and headed back down for another attempt to stand up. I asked my friends for some pointers and was told to try push up off of my back foot quicker to get to standing, I also tried watching some other people. I also soon found out my flaw, I was always too eager, I tried getting every single wave even if I wasn’t ready, I was just too excited. Once I found out my flaw I corrected it and took my time and was patient, then within 10 minutes I finally stood up for a full wave. It was an amazing feeling, one because I achieved what I set out to do and two because it just felt so cool to ride a wave stood up. Out of my hundred or so attempts that day I did only manage to stand up three times but none the less I done it and was proud.

I wanted to share this as this is how your fitness goals should be treated, too many people want results and they want them now. They hate the process and hate failing, this is why they give up and never reach their goals. However if you can love and enjoy the process it becomes that much easier and the results come sooner. Nothing worth having in life comes easy, you have to work hard, try, try, try, fail, work out where you went wrong, try, fail, try again then eventually you succeed. If you don’t enjoy the process or don’t take time to learn and figure out where you are going wrong you will not reach your goals.

If your goal is fat loss you must find a process you fall in love with and continually stick to until you reach your goal.

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Thanks for reading :)


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