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What's Stopping You?

Let’s not beat around the bush I say 90% of people know what to do to lose weight. There are some hazy areas and there is so much misleading information this is true but I’m going to break it down nice and simple for you.

Let’s starts with nutrition. If I took you into a shop and told you to point to foods that are going to help you lose weight, I guarantee you will be able to pick the right foods. If I asked you what foods aren’t so healthy and will make weight loss difficult you will be able to point me to those to. Remember carbohydrates are healthy for you to consume you do not need to avoid them. “The dose makes the posion”. Most people know if they are eating too much food, not enough food or eat unhealthily but do very little to change it.

Now to discuss training. More and more people especially women are learning that weights are key for health and fat loss and now know they will not make you look like a body builder. If you didn’t know this, you now do. Everyone knows how beneficial and healthy exercise is, and everyone knows how unhealthy being inactive is. Something that isn’t so clear is that cardio isn’t what you need to be doing for weight loss, it helps but weights are far superior. But if you aren’t doing any form of exercise, doing something is better than nothing.

Losing fat is very simple and everyone knows how to do it, however it is far from easy. This is why people get confused, they believe weight loss can’t be as simple as it sounds, but it is. If you are already pretty lean then it I can be a bit more complicated but if you are over weight it is simple. I will highlight again simple does not mean easy, this is something you need to come to terms with. If someone promotes, easy weight loss or a short cut for fat loss your bullshit radar should be beeping. Like I said there is no easy way or short cut. Lets face it you didn’t become overweight in a couple months it has taken years of over eating, healthy weight loss takes just as long.

62% of adults in the UK are over weight, from these statistic its clear to see that knowing what to do isn’t enough. Firstly you have to want to make a change to lose weight, if you are reading this then congratulations that is step one complete. Step two you need to identify your barriers, what’s the main thing stopping you or getting in the way of achieving your goals. Is it the amount you drink at the weekend, is it the daily chocolate bars and bottle of coke or is it because you are a coach potato? Once you identify the main cause start there first, slowly start to change it do not drastically change it. For instance if you drink coke everyday switch to diet coke or half your servings. If you do not exercise at all right now go for a 5-10 minute walk everyday or go to the gym two times per week. These are all the changes you need to make right now until weight loss pauses for more than three weeks. I say three weeks because weight loss does take time, it wont happen every week and you will hit plateaus. If you don’t lose weight for 3 weeks identify what else you can change or add in to start fat loss again. Step three take action and be consistent, again just knowing isn’t enough you need to take action on what you know. You have completed step one wanting to make a change, step two identifying your barriers. Now its time to take action and break down those barriers and stay consistent, this is where the results come from.

So I shall ask again whats stopping you? This is all you need to do in order to achieve fat loss, so you have no excuse not to get started. I will leave you with a quote that will help you massively in your continual progress.

“What gets measured gets managed” - Peter Drucker

If you aren’t tracking your progress how do you know whether it is effective or not.

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