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I Hate The Fitness Industry

Don’t get me wrong I do love parts of the fitness industry but I also hate what it's become and here is why. It is no longer about making people healthier it's about making money. There are many companies popping up taking advantage of people when they are weak and vulnerable. Using phrases like “fast weight loss guaranteed” pulls these people into paying over the odds for an awful product that confuses them. It helps them “lose weight fast” yes but then they put the weight back on and more.

There are so many awful products popping up to “help” people lose weight, don’t get me wrong these products kind of work. I say kind of because people do lose weight, but its because they are eating less, not because their product helps fat loss or anything. Theres even a product called skinny coffee, the heck is a skinny coffee? Just drink normal coffee it boosts your alertness and increases your energy levels so you move more and lift heavier, and it’s low in calories (unless you have a caramel latte like me). They charge £30 for a week, normal coffee granules are what £5 for a months worth?

Don’t get sucked into the these companies they are after your money and your dependancy to buy off of them for life. These products confuse so many people and trick them into believing that there is only one way to lose weight. There are so many different methods to lose fat and you don’t need to break the bank for it. You don’t need detox drinks you have a liver. You don’t need special shakes or to syn your food, you just need to eat less calorie dense food, move more, build some muscle and eat more nutrient dense foods. If you are going to pay £30 a week for a product, buy something that is going to educate you. A well recognised book, a course in fat loss, a personal trainer, there are so many services out there to help educate you in what you are need.

These companies won’t tell you how you are losing weight because they want you to continue buying from them. They will claim it’s their magical product when in fact it's because you are eating less and now going to the gym. When you pay a lot of money for something you tend to put more effort in, that’s how these products work (as well as making you eat sod all). “just drink 3 of these a day instead of eating and the weight will fall off”. Of corse it will you were consuming 3000 calories a day now you’re drinking 300, 100 calories per drink. Sorry went off on a rant, back to my point. Lets say you are paying £30 a week for a product, you are most probably going to make more of an effort to eat better and not sit in front of the tv. You are going to make sure you lose weight as you are paying so much, so what do you do? You start going to the gym, you start moving more and eating less, then what do you know you’ve lost weight. Not because of the product but because you have made lifestyle changes, this is where weight loss happens. Some products cause this affect some completely starve you but none of them educate you in how you are losing weight.

So if any of you are thinking of buying some sort of product that says easy weight loss in 7 days, please don’t, its a scam. No sustainable weight loss is easy this is something you are going to have to get your head around.

I hope this article saves you guys a few £ and lbs, I say lbs because as soon as you stop using their product I guarantee you will put on more weight than you lost. Then you are going to go back to filling their pockets because “it worked before”

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