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The Oxygen Mask Priority

This weeks blog was a social media post but there are people who follow my blogs but not my social media, and I feel this is a message a lot of people need to hear.

It’s not a bad thing to put yourself first.

Many people fear putting themselves first and put others above them for many different reasons, worry about judgement, think it’s the right thing to do or even just don’t know any other way. In no way I’m saying this is a bad thing but you can’t help someone from an empty vessel. (two great analogies in one post, I know 😏😂)

But seriously by not doing things for you, you can’t give your best to someone else.

If you are tired, stressed, unhappy or feeling low about how poor your exercise and nutrition has been, do you really think you can give your best?

However if you are well rested, stress free, happy and your exercise and nutrition is on top form, imagine how much easier you can help someone.

Try penciling in weekly things for you, things that you enjoy doing. Maybe a once a week hobby, three to four gym sessions, daily you time slots or catching up with friends more regularly.

Its not selfish to put yourself first, it ensures you can be the best you can be and give the best you can to others around you.

Remember “Put your own oxygen mask on first before assisting others, because you can’t help anyone if you’re dead”.

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