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How To Stick To Your Diet This Christmas

This time every year a lot of people get frustrated and upset when they put on weight over Christmas, it’s the time for feasting and celebrating which means lots of food and alcohol. It becomes hard to resist all the amazing treats that surround us, everyone wants to force feed you food and we eventually give in. This inevitably leads to weight gain as we all can’t fight the urge to say no. So how do you stick to your diet?

It’s simple, you don’t.

Christmas comes around once a year and we all want to enjoy ourselves and eat what we like and why shouldn’t we, it’s time for celebration and family. Where most people go wrong is they start their Christmas feast one week early and finish it two weeks too late. This is where the weight problem occurs, if you were to only have one or two days of feasting there would be no harm done. The scales will slightly increase yes but most of it will be water weight, one or two pounds max will be fat which you can burn off in a week.

As long as you stick to one to two days of feasting there will be no harm what so ever. If you continue to eat chocolates, sweets and cake for the following two weeks then that’s when the trouble starts.

So how do you avoid the Christmas weight gain? You don’t start feasting early or finish it late, you stick to feasting on Christmas Day, Boxing Day. Then after the two days are up you go back to normal eating. Im not saying it will be easy because it won’t be but its what you must do to avoid gaining weight.

“If you really want to do something you’ll find a way. If you don’t you’ll find an excuse” - Jim Rohn

Theres a ton of excuses you can use for this Christmases weight gain

“it was my families fault for over feeding me”

“I had chocolate left over so I had to eat it”

“I had multiple Christmas meals scheduled with family and coworkers”.

None of these are valid excuses, you’re family didn’t literally force feed you, you can say no.

You could have given your chocolate away or you could of made yourself accountable by swapping meals around such as “okay I’ve had 2 chocolate bars today I will skip breakfast tomorrow to make up for it”.

You may have had multiple Christmas meals booked but you knew when they were happening. You could of fasted that day or you could have eaten less calories everyday building up to the event.

For every excuse you have theres a way to justify it and make it right, it takes thought and willpower but it is possible.

So this Christmas don’t worry about sticking to your diet, just be a lot more sensible on the build up and the following weeks.

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