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How To Burn Off Your Christmas Waistline

It’s that time of year where majority of people gain weight and then struggle all year to lose it. Maybe this happens to you. Every year as soon as the festive season starts your jeans start to become tighter. Well this year you can break that yearly cycle by following these simple tips...

  1. Don’t Put On The Weight in The First Place - All the previous years you haven’t kept track of everything you’ve been putting into your mouth, this year that needs to change. You need to manage your calories on the build up to Christmas and after (excluding two or three days, Christmas Day, New Years Day and maybe boxing day). All the days before, after and in-between you need to manage your calories better. Track everything that passes your lips be it food or drink. Why? Let me use an analogy to describe it, if you weren’t to check your bank balance regularly you wouldn’t know how close you were to your overdraft. You may not check for a couple months then realise you are seriously deep in your over draft. Where as if you checked it every single day you’d be able to adjust your spending habits accordingly. Your calories are exactly the same, by recording them every day you can identify if you are over indulging or not. Why not Christmas Day, Boxing Day or New Years? Because what kind of boring evil B*****d would I be if I told you you can’t enjoy yourselves a few days a year. So by all means enjoy :)

  2. Don’t Wait Until January To Sort It Out - Why put it off till January when you can start now? Every other New Year New Me person will be starting in January, gyms are notoriously busy then. However the weeks leading up to Christmas and in-between Christmas and New Year are very quiet. Whats stopping you from getting a head start? This is the perfect time to train, gyms are dead, you can try out more machines without waiting, you burn off calories to make up for the over indulging and you get 2-3 weeks head start on achieving your goals. Just because no one else can be bothered to train during this time doesn’t mean you can’t. That’s why this year will be different and that’s why this year you will succeed whilst everyone else fails.

  3. Hire Someone - This isn’t a shameful plug to boost my business this year, you can hire anyone you fancy, just hire someone who knows what they are doing. You need to treat this an an investment in you not an expense, by hiring the right trainer you will learn a ton of information. This will help you to learn as much as you can so you can train yourself, motivate yourself and always get closer to your goals. You wouldn’t try learn another language without help or learn to drive without it, so why try and transform your body when you don’t have a clue what it is you are really doing. The benefits of hiring someone is that firstly you have invested money, this which results in you putting more effort in to get your moneys worth. You learn lots of information about how your body works and why you are actually doing certain exercises which helps you train yourself later on. Now your are accountable to actually turn up as you don’t want to let someone else down or lose your money. Hiring the RIGHT trainer will be one of the best investments to yourself, your health and your longevity, who can put a price on that? I emphasise the RIGHT trainer because there are many who don’t have a clue so please do your research first. Also not all trainers will fit what you want if your looking to learn how to jump around your room for 15 minutes or run distance races I wont be the right trainer for you. If you are looking to improve your confidence through improving your physique by increasing muscle, decreasing body fat without over restricting your favourite foods, I’m your guy :).

  4. Be Patient - It takes time to achieve great results and to engrain a habit that lasts for life so don’t give up after 4 weeks of trying. If you fail to see results after 4 weeks don’t quit, try something different. There are many ways in which you can drop body fat, not just one. It may take you a while to find which works for you and which you enjoy but there will be one. Too many people expect instant results but that isn’t possible especially if you have been overweight for a long time. Its going to be a slow and steady process especially if you do it healthily, but it will happen if you continually stick at it and make small changes along the way. The first path you follow more than likely will be the wrong one (unless you get help) so you will need to make adjustments along the way.

  5. Don’t Over Do The Cardio - Cardio and more cardio is not the answer, for one reason the way most people do it is boring as hell which leads to high drop off rates. Two it isn’t the best way for long term fat loss your body can easily adapt to the stress you place it under, two weeks in your body isn’t burning as many calories it was the first time around. You are doing the same amount but now burning less calories so results will continue to slow til a halt. Place your main focus on resistance training and sprinkle some cardio in on top.

I could go on and on with tips for you guys but these tips can get give you great results if followed correctly. You don’t need to over complicate fat loss or try too many different things at once.

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Thanks for reading :)


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