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My New Adventures (That Everyone Needs To Do)

I haven’t done any intense education since I done my Personal Training course about 5 years ago. Of course I continuously read books, listen to audiobooks, read articles and have took part in some seminars and courses but nothing intense. But this week that has all changed.

This week I am very excited to be starting a new course in Business Acumen, Nutrition and Advanced Coaching. It has been a long time since I have done some structured education, which is why am also slightly nervous. I sucked in school, my grades were poor my attention was non existent, all my end of term reports said the same thing “Louis is a day dreamer and lacks concentration” or “Louis is easily distracted”.

However the main reason I did suck at school was because I just wasn’t interested and I wasn’t bothered about bettering myself.

But this has now completely changed.

Once I signed up to this course Im not going to lie I had a little boogy and got giddy, never was I like that in school. Now all the time I am always excited and giddy about learning, even when I get my monthly audiobook credit I get all giddy, I love education. (I was going to write here “a bit sad I know” but on second thoughts you know what I don’t think it is. I could probably go deeper into this but that’d be off topic. Anyway Louis shut up and get back to it.)

Education is what helps me get better and safer results for my clients, helps me understand and grow my business and also enhances me, my wellbeing and my life.

Too many people fail to do this now a days, not many people are willing to invest in themselves which is quite sad to see. People are more interested in investing money in material goods such as TV’s, cars, clothes and so on.

I firmly believe this is somewhat contributing to todays weight gain and obesity crisis for one of two reasons. One being people are more than happy to spend £1000’s on TV’s, TV packages, mobile phones, designer clothes yet complain that healthy food or gym memberships are too expensive. The second reason being they have this brand new expensive TV and expensive TV package, there is no way they’re going to the gym, they’re making full use of their new telly. This won’t apply to everyone but I guarantee a lot of times you’ve chosen the TV over the gym, occasionally I have to.

I was the same before my business, the money I had wasn’t for reinvesting, it was for spending. Money I had was spent on a new xbox game not for educating myself, I needed the new game all my friends were playing, or new shoes they had.

Then I invested in myself and everything changed, I learnt new things which made me stronger and healthier, I learnt how to get my clients better results, I learnt how to better communicate with people. These things changed my life for the better, better than any material thing could, (although I do still love playing the xbox that wont change) but it comes after bettering myself. I am so excited to start this years long course because I will be better and happier by the end of it.

When was the last time you truly invested in yourself, not just paying a monthly gym membership but actually took steps into learning about nutrition or training.

If you haven’t done it for sometime or ever, now is as good as any time to take that first step. Buy a book on training, buy a seminar tick on nutrition, or if you are really serious about getting results you can get in contact with me to teach you and help you with both.

As long as you do one of those I’ll be happy because I want you to be the best you can be.

I am going to leave you with a quote and a favour I have to ask.

The quote being “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin. From personal experience this is so true.

And the favour I ask is for my first module in the course, I have to submit a form with gathered information on my demographic. It will be greatly appreciated if you can take 60 seconds of your time to fill out my survey form below.

I will be doing a prize draw for everyone who takes part in the survey to win 2 free personal training sessions filled with education (value £60). Once filled out just send me a message saying DONE! and you’ll be entered into the draw. (the survey will be anonymous)

A huge thank you to those of you who take part into helping me in my first module :)

If you enjoyed and found this article helpful please use the social media icons below to share it.

Thanks for reading :)


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