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15 Rules To Live By This Year

Follow these 15 rules to become stronger, happier, fitter and more confident this year.

1) Start slow and finish strong, going form 0-100 is going to DESTROY your willpower and body very quickly. This is why most people give up in the first 4-8 weeks, they change too much and make everything too hard and can’t handle it all (and rightly so). Going from 0-10 will still get you results and will be easier to adhere to.

2) DON’T restrict any foods, food restrictions lead to binging and diet failure. When cutting your favourite treats from your diet for any length of time your cravings for that item will skyrocket, it will be all you can think about until satisfied. Then once you finally give in (which you will) you will binge like you never have before destroying your calorie deficit and labelling yourself as a failure giving up until 2020 (New Year New Me Again!).

3) Swap your lattes for a cappuccino which is a black coffee with milk. Lattes are very calorific by making this simple switch you can save yourself 1000s of calories per month. 1 latte from costa is around 400 calories if you have 2 of them per week thats 3200 CALORIES PER MONTH, a pound of fat is 3500.

4) Get WALKING, take the stairs not the elevator, walk on escalators don’t stand there waiting to be pulled, park in the space furthest away from the shop and not outside the front door and WALK to your takeaway don’t get it delivered. All these minor adjustments will increase your daily NEAT expenditure. If you follow these above points you can burn more calories from doing this than you can in a gym session.

5) Track your calories, if you’ve tried eating healthier or cutting foods out but still not losing weight it's simply because you are eating too much and you’re unaware of this. Healthy food still contains calories, weekend calories still count and can easily outdo your weeks hard efforts. Start tracking EVERYTHING that passes your lips, sauces, sugars and milk in teas, juices, cooking oils, everything you can because somewhere you are over consuming calories.

6) Step out of your comfort zone every single week, too many people stay in their comfort zone this is no place for growth or how to live your life. Challenges shape and create a stronger better version of you, “Ships are safe in the harbour but thats not what they were built for” Every time I step out of mine I either become smarter, stronger or happier. I suggest you do the same.

7) Small gestures are good for EVERYONE, do something unselfish everyday, go out of your way to ask someone about themselves and genuinely care and be interested, go out of your way to cheer someone up who looks down, slow down and let someone pull out in front of you. It doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is but doing something that doesn’t necessarily benefit you, makes you and someone else feel good.

8) Drink fizzy water, so many people hate the taste of water and find it boring, instead they drink highly sugary calorific drinks. Switching to bicarbonate water is more appealing and will keep you hydrated.

9) Pet ALL THE DOGS, dog petting is good for the soul, so give every pooch a scratch behind the ear. I will set up a pet and play with monty if anyones interested.

10) Put YOURSELF FIRST more often, too many people worry about putting themselves first, they feel its selfish and frowned up on. Putting yourself first more often will be the best thing possible for you and everyone thats around you. When you’re unhappy it shows and when you’re happy you’re a better version of yourself and everyones happier around you. You need to be "selfish" now and again and its okay to be. “you cant serve others from an empty vessel” if anyone disagrees I suggest they be removed from your life like Dj Jazzy Jeff from Uncle Phil’s house in the fresh prince of Bel-air.

11) Sing your heart out, this is something I do most of the time when I'm driving (even when I'm sat at traffic lights). Singing along to your favourite songs definitely lifts your mood. Have you ever seen someone singing their favourite songs who wasn’t happy at the time?

12) EDUCATE yourself, not enough people invest in their education. I don’t mean algebra or quantum physics (although science is awesome so why wouldn’t you want to?). Just learn something you enjoy. I will Kindly suggest if you are struggling with your weight loss and getting in shape then buy a book about training or nutrition. Here are some recommendations 1) females looking to get strong and improve their physique - Strong Curves by Bret Contreras. 2) Anyone looking to get leaner, improve their mindset towards fitness and learn about calories - Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto. 3) Guys looking to pack on muscles and learn from the master himself - The New Encyclopaedia of Modern Day Bodybuilding by Arnold Schwarzenegger. All of us who train with weights are bodybuilders (we are building our bodies) don’t let the title put you off.

13) Join a group or make friends with people with similar goals to you. If your goals is to lose weight and eat better this year find people who are doing the same, you’ll be more likely to succeed. If you cant find one try get your partner involved, make it APPEALING to them so they want to do it to.

14) Do something you’ve ALWAYS WANTED to do but never got around to, start that business you wanted to, take that holiday you deserve, ask that person you like out on a date. Too many people go through their lives not doing things they want to do, you have one chance at life so why sit on it.

15) Sign up to a weeks FREE trial with me at The Lemon Frog Fitness Company to be educated and motivated to becoming stronger, healthier, happier and more confident. Get in contact and book through the email below.

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Thanks for reading :)


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