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Lose Seven Pounds In Seven Days

Everyone wants weight loss and they want it fast, taking your time with things and working hard is a thing of the past.

So if you can lose 7 lbs in 7 days why wouldn’t you?

Thats why in this blog I want to teach you and show you just how to do that.

No this is not a con you can truly lose 7 lbs in 7 days.

So lets dive in and learn how.

Okay first things first I want you to completely cut carbohydrates from your diet and anything that contains them, minus vegetables.

No rice cakes,

No biscuits,

Not even milk we do not want any carbs whatsoever.

This alone is going to help you drop around 2-3 lbs in weight.

Cuz carbs = fat storage you know.

Next I want you to hit cardio an hour a day until you are pouring with sweat, cardio is awesome for fat burning, you sweating is fat crying and melting away.

Remember, this cardio has to be fasted (before breakfast) so you’re not burning food from that day, you just burn pure body fat.

After your cardio I want you to either step in a sauna for half an hour or have a hot bath every night.

Remember the more you sweat the more body fat you burn so be sure to have that bath super hot.

You know when its so hot it takes you five minutes to sit down because you’re worried about burning your bits.

That hot.

Every morning you must have detox juice as its cleansing powers boost your metabolism into burning more fat. A guy called Dr Axe said so, so you can definitely rely on him.

He has Dr in the front of his name if you didn’t notice.

And lastly DO NOT eat after 6pm as you will not burn off any calories you consume after this point.

If you stick to the above for a 1 week I guarantee you will lose around 7 lbs.

No seriously you will.

HOWEVER, (I’m sure you was waiting for this turn around, I hope so anyway.)

Fat will not be the thing you lost most of.

I mean of corse you will lose weight and some fat from following the above.

But lets break it down to see how.

Carbs are broken down into glycogen which are stored in your muscles.

Glycogen retains water, meaning cutting carbs from your diet (glycogen from your muscles) you will lose a lot of water weight.

Not only that but you were probably eating a 1000 calories a day (probably more) from carbs and you’ve just completely wiped those calories from your diet.

Doing hours of cardio everyday, sitting in the sauna or taking a hot bath is again definitely going to help you lose weight, but all water weight, not fat.

Detox drinks and no eating after 6pm will also aid you in weight loss.

But only because you have 25-100 calories for breakfast now instead of your usual 300-500.

You’ve also stopped eating the time of night you tend to sit in front of the telly eating ice cream and chocolate, so of course you’re going to lose weight from this.

So now you’re eating around 2000 calories less a day and doing a shit load of cardio placing you in a calorie deficit.

Which is the only way to lose body weight (that’s not water).

One study shown that a group of participants who followed a very low calorie diet lost 3.5lbs of fat FREE mass (not fat) in one week, and without exercise.

In these circumstances 25% of the weight you lose can be from muscle mass, this isn’t a good thing and is detrimental to health.

So yes following the above will help you lose weight, but not a lot of it is fat.

It isn’t possible to burn this much fat in this short amount of time.

Every shift of weight you see in the scale is not fat, it is mostly water.

So stop focusing on the scales so much, it doesn’t determine your fat loss.

It can be a helpful tool but in no way is it the best at determining fat loss.

So please avoid anything that guarantees results fast as it is more detrimental than beneficial to health and fat loss in the long run.

Slower controlled fat loss is the best approach for health as well as great results.

If you are looking to achieve healthy fat loss then why not take up my current offer of training with me at my private facility for a week and learning what I implement to achieve results for my clients.

Drop an email to to book in your weeks slot.

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Thanks for reading :)


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