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One of The Most Incredible Experiences of My Life

Coming face to face with elephants in Thailand was such a breathtaking and extraordinary experience, coming so close to such beautiful creatures and spending some time feeding, bathing and learning about them.

Obviously these animal weren’t wild and were trained around humans, they were all rescued from torture and animal exploitation.

It was only because of this reason you are able to get so close to them, so it was hard to know whether what I was doing was right or not.

It did turn out to be the right thing as the money you spend on the trip goes towards their food, health and future.

On the way to visit these elephants I was so excited to come face to face with them and dive right in to getting close and personal.

As soon as I saw one from ground level I crapped myself and was hesitant and anxious to get close.

Seeing one in a zoo from a distance you do think wow they are big.

When you are stood next to one it’s more like FUCK! they are big.

Excuse my French but I’m just being honest.

It took me a while to work up the courage to go stand next to, (sorry underneath) one to have a picture then everyone got called over to the talk.

I felt like a kid that waits in line for ages, then as its finally their go the parent says “ come on its time to go”.

It was during the talk that we were all educated about the elephants, facts, difference between asian and African elephants and stories about some of the elephants and how gentle they were.

This is were I became more relaxed about getting up close and more excited to get going.

We were also taught about their past of being tortured before they were rescued.

Did you know that for the elephants to have all this trust in humans they are caged, stabbed, burned, beaten as a baby and then “rescued” by the torturer in order to gain their trust after being broken.

It’s a vile world we live in.

This is the reason why I didn’t know if me being their was right. But once you see how well they are looked after now and how much the sanctuary is doing to prevent this from continuing, I knew my money was going to a good cause.

After the talk it was time to feed them which was such a surreal experience, and brought out their personalities.

One was pretty boisterous and would snatch the food.

One wasn’t impressed with banana and only wanted watermelon.

And others were gentle and patient.

After this it was time to bathe the elephants, again I found myself shitting myself.

Not only because I was getting in water with these beasts were they may roll on to me.

But because the water was so muddy (which I don’t do well with) and I had to go in bare footed, I was thinking what if I cut my toe open and get infected.

It was only a few days ago I heard a woman lost her leg here in Thailand for stepping in mud and getting septicaemia.

I know what you’re thinking “WIMP” and you’re right I am.

Anyway, luckily I survived to tell the tale and after the whole experience I didn’t know why I was so afraid at the start of the day.

And its exactly the same in fitness.

You start off very hesitant, you don’t know what to expect your a little excited but also anxious to get stuck in.

You’re unsure if you should be there or not.

Thats why I do what I do, to educate you guys and bust myths to make sure you guys are just comfortable and excited to get fitter and reach your goals.

Not nervous or hesitant.

Just like I was after the educational talk about the elephants.

Stepping in to the gym can be nerve racking, even when I go to a new gym I’m nervous.

I don’t know where anything is I think people are staring at me and its quite intimidating, I only imagine its more nerve racking if you aren’t confident in what to do.

And thats why I want to educate you so you are more confident.

Just like my money for the elephant sanctuary I’m sure you don’t want your money to be poorly spent and unsure if its being invested wisely.

Going to the gym and getting no results is not money well invested.

That’s why I am offering you guys a free weeks trial to see what it is I do and teach, in my fully private studio where you don’t need to be worried about on lookers.

No commitment, no risk, just come along to see what I’m about.

But just like I found out my money with the sanctuary was well invested in the future of the elephants.

You will see your money will be well invested into the future of your health and fitness if you decide to keep on training.

If you’d like to take this offer up please email me at to book in your slot.

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Thanks for reading :)

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