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Money Earned Is Sweeter Than Money Won

The movie Dodgeball with Vince Vaughn & Ben Stiller is one of my all time favourite comedies, I think its brilliant.

If you haven’t seen it its about one very rich and high end gym buying out a lower end poor gym and they cant stop it unless they can gather up a lump sum of money.

(Spoiler alert)

Long story short they enter a dodgeball competition to try and win enough money to keep their gym, which they obviously succeed in doing.

When they win Vince Vaughn quotes “money won is a lot sweeter than money earned” which I have never agreed with, not even from a young age.

I 100% believe that money EARNED is a lot sweeter than money won.

I believe it would feel so much better to work hard, struggle, look failure in the face multiple times, come back from it and build a successful business that generates one million pounds rather than win it in the lottery.

I also believe everything in life is sweeter when you have to work your ass off for it rather than have it on a plate.

But it seems a huge percentage of the population doesn’t seem to think the way I do.

Everyone wants everything so fast with zero effort, they want to be rich without the graft, the success without the hours put in and a body transformation without any hard work.

This is why you see so many awful diet companies thriving and making lots of money, boom bod, skinny coffee, fat burners, herbal life etc etc.

Yes they should be ashamed of themselves for praying on these people but I cant help but think if these people who were buying it would just want to work for something and not find the easy fix, these companies wouldn’t even exist.

Don’t get me wrong its still the companies fault but you must see where I’m coming from.

It is also the reason why so many people lose weight and then put it back on quickly.

They chose the easiest and fastest route to achieve their goal weight, then they don’t maintain it because:

1 - It was a non sustainable route.


2 - They didn’t respect their results as they hadn’t worked hard for them.

Its the same with people who win the lottery, 70% of them end up bankrupt, this is because they don’t respect the money, they haven’t worked hard for it and they don’t know how to handle it.

So if you’re reading this and you want fast weight loss results I urge you to rethink this idea carefully.

Its not sustainable, you won’t respect the results nor will you know how to keep them because you haven’t had to work for it.

If I could take your head and place it onto someones body you wanted, I guarantee you wouldn’t be able to sustain that body for the exact same reason.

Achieving the body you are seeking isn’t easy and it is a long and on going journey but this should be embraced and tackled, not threatened and avoided.

You will make mistakes.

You will have set backs.

But you will come out the other side if you plan strategically and work hard.

So just stick at it and you’ll achieve it.

However If you want to limit your set backs, avoid mistakes and learn how to create a strategy for fat loss then why not come and train with me for a week free of charge.

No commitment, no risk, just come along and see how I help people like you achieve results.

If it’s not for you then thats cool you will find your own path like I did.

However if you’d like me to train and educate you to help you achieve awesome sustainable results then I’d love to help you out.

Whatever it is you do I advise you to work hard for your results and not look for the easy solution, because it will not work.

If you’d like to take this offer up please email me at to book in your slot.

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A huge thank you for reading :)

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