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Three Month Bulletproof Plan to Progression

We are three months into the year (nearly four) and it has been some of the most successful three months I’ve ever had.

Want to know how?

Because of how much time and money I’ve invested in my knowledge and business.

The year I invested more than ever into my education and my business to help me, my clients and my holiday funds.

In the past 3 months alone I’ve spent near £2000 on education and business development.

Which I’m very proud about because I know a lot of trainers who would be spending it on new shoes and clothes.

So this year has definitely been a greater push already to broaden my knowledge, better my clients results, my business and my equipment.

And I plan to keep doing so.

Since investing in myself and my business I have become:

A better coach/trainer.

Better at getting clients greater results.

And my business is the busiest its ever been, to the point where I only have a a few available slots left to offer before I cant take anyone else on.

You’re probably wandering where I’m going with this whole spiel so let me tell you in 3 words


Not in a years time,

Not in a couple of months,

But now!

Otherwise you never will, you’ll always put it off with some excuse.

You should d it now because of two main reasons:

One, why wait? You want changes now, you want better results now, so why keep putting it off?

Why not order a book right this second (after you finish reading this of corse)

Why not purchase some home gym equipment? TRX (the non brand version its £100 cheaper for same thing), adjustable dumbbells up to 20-30kg and some resistance bands. You cant use the excuse you don’t know what to get as I’ve just told you.

Why not search for a nutrition course to attend, in fact I’m attending one in Plymouth in August with Martin Mc’Donald why not do the same?

Or better yet why not invest your time in a week free trial with me and receive help and education on nutrition and training whilst having accountability along with support? You’ll also get to train in a private studio meaning no one else is around so you’ll have full discretion.

Two, like I previously said I am about to reach capacity, if you act fast you may miss your chance.

If you want better results in the next three months then you need to broaden your knowledge, that is the only way your going to achieve greater health and physique.

You obviously need to be determined and hard working to but the reason most people aren’t is because they’re unsure what to do and they worry about failure.

The more you know and the more help and support you have the less chance you have of failing.

I know I wrote about this not so long ago when I started my course but im echoing it now because I’ve seen such a great return already and I want the same for you guys.

If you would like book, course and gym equipment recommendations or take up the free weeks trial with me please don’t hesitate to send me and email.

My email address is

I’m here to help you as much as possible :)

If you enjoyed and found this article helpful please use the social media icons below to share it.

A huge thank you for reading :)

P.s my recipe book is now out if you’re looking for some delicious healthy recipes that will help you achieve your goals then click the link below.

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