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The Best Diet Tip You Need To Know

As I’m sure you all know, we unfortunately can not out train a bad diet.

No matter how hard or how much you train if you are still consuming more calories than you burn, you will not lose weight.

This is why getting your nutrition right is so important.

It is also what people struggle with the most and the only reason they fail to see any results.

Im sure you yourself have failed to see continuous ongoing results due to your nutritional choices.

Most of you reading this have probably tried multiple diets which would of worked to begin with. A few weeks later you went back to your normal way of eating, put the weight back on and probably thought yourself as a failure right?


You need to know that you did not fail that diet, that diet failed you!

If you can’t stick to a diet long term term, then that diet isn’t right for you, you need to find one you enjoy and want to stick to.

In my early years as a trainer I gave people sample diet plans that involved nothing but plain healthy food, high protein and vegetables, packed full of nutrients and reduced servings of carbs.

On paper a great nutritious diet and perfect for fat loss.

The result?

Most people couldn’t stick to it very long and fell back into their bad dietary habits and I racked it up to the fact they didn’t want it enough nor did they want to change.

But now I look back and see that they didn’t fail me or the diet, I failed them by not making their plans work for them. I should of worked harder to make it easier for them and more enjoyable.

(Which is what I do now may I add)

The best fat loss diet in the world is one that you can adhere to.

Without adherence no plan will ever work, no matter how good it is.

Your diet now is full of foods you enjoy consuming and want to consume, that's why they’re in your diet.

Sure there are things you need to eat less often and other things you need to eat more of but nonetheless you like the foods you eat.

Stripping all these away and putting in different foods will be very alien to you and non enjoyable.

However, reducing the amount you eat now and slightly increasing the foods it is lacking will achieve results whilst making it easier to adhere to.

This is what I get all my current clients to do, none of them have restricted or banned foods from their diet.

We find out what is contributing to most of their calories, then we slightly reduce it.

We find out what it is lacking and then slightly increase it.

It isn’t rocket science nor is it over challenging or restrictive.

It may not be the healthiest diet yet but it’s a small step in the right direction which will produce greater results long term than a 2-4 week super healthy restrictive diet.

Diet changes need to be simple and enjoyable if you want to see on going results and for the changes to stick.

All you need to do is identify what foods contribute to most of your calories, what foods you consume too often and what nutrients your diet is lacking.

From here you slowly make one or two changes at a time until you can stick to them, then your find one to two more.

It is really as simple as that.

Remember though simple doesn’t mean easy but it does make it easier.

If you are unsure of where to start or how to identify the problem areas then you can get in contact with me and book in your weeks free trial at my private training studio.

Here will you receive a taster of how I help my clients achieve their goals without punishing them or banning their favourite foods.

If you want to achieve awesome results without being miserable then you can email me to book in your free weeks trial.

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Thanks for reading :)


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