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Why I Love To Workout

Working out is a huge part of my life and I can see that it always will be.

I won’t necessarily be training exactly how I am now but in one way or another I will be working out and keeping active.

I just love how I feel after completing it, that self achievement and pride for pushing myself out of my comfort zone is an incredible feeling.

I have received many benefits since I started working out and they’re still ongoing.

When I was younger my confidence was pretty low, I hated how skinny I was so I’d cover areas up, particularly my legs by wearing long shorts that covered my thighs.

My thighs were smaller than every girls that I dated, my nickname was spaghetti arms and I was even compared to those long skinny friendly aliens in men in black haha.

Since training my self confidence has grown and I’m much more confident in shorter shorts and not it feels great not having a massive gap between my arms and the sleeves on my t-shirt.

Calfs are a different story but I’m working on them.

My strength has also greatly improved since I started and it feels great to be stronger, not just in a sense of lifting weights but with day to day tasks and activities to.

Carrying, pushing, holding and lifting things are all so much easier now,

I remember a time when I first started going out and drinking, I was talking to this girl who was fairly drunk, mid conversation she fell over and I tried to help her up but couldn’t even pull her to her feet because I was so weak. Another guy who was bigger than me had to help her up, talk about embarrassing.

(I don’t think I’ve ever told anyone that story so I hope you feel special)

One day a similar situation will arrive and all my years of training will have finally paid off haha.

It wasn’t until I got into my training that I started eating healthily to, training and nutrition definitely go hand in hand, when you train hard you want to compliment your efforts with good nutrition.

If I never started training I would probably still be living off super noodles and tinned hot dogs.

All these changes have impacted my life in great ways and are a part of why I love working out but I also love the in depth sciencey part to as it’s so fascinating.

Let me explain:

When you’re training you are placing your body under stress and trauma, you are basically breaking down and tearing your muscles.

This is perceived as a threat to your body so it enters into a stress response state in order to deal with the trauma you are placing it under..

After causing this trauma your body gets to work on repairing the damage you have created whilst fortifying itself to be stronger.

Our bodies don’t want to be in a state of trauma this is why after repairing it fortifies itself so it doesn’t experience that state again.

Pretty amazing huh? Your body is basically going through small pockets of controlled evolution when this takes place, all without you really knowing or having to tell it to.

This is the reason why you must continually increase the weight and reps (trauma) because your body will adapt to the initial stress so its no longer effective.

You need to keep placing your body under more stress and stimulus in order for it to keep getting stronger.

Nutrition is very important for this to happen effectively, getting your nutrition wrong will prevent your body from adapting and replenishing itself optimally. When nutrition is right your body will be able to replenish itself and adapt accordingly.

Sound pretty surreal doesn’t it?

That every time you go to the gym or place your body under stress, new stimulus or trauma causing destruction, your body will then use nutrients from the foods you eat to replenish itself and adapt to prevent further destruction from happening again.

Mind = Blown

This is why I love working out not only is it beneficial for my health and my confidence but its making my body evolve into something better, stronger and healthier every time I do it.

If you are looking to evolve your body into a better, stronger and healthier version but unsure how to get it right or nourish it effectively then why not come in for a free weeks trial with me at my private training facility.

I will teach you some of the basics of training and applying stimulus to your body and how to nourish it effectively for growth leaving you more confident, fitter, healthier and stronger.

If you’d like to take up this free weeks trial please email me @

A huge thank you for reading :)

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