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Eat More To Lose More Fat

No this is not a joke. I genuinely mean you can eat more, and you need to eat more to lose body fat.

You’re probably sat there thinking what’s the twist but there isn’t one, let me explain.

Let’s use the example of two people trying to lose weight.

Let’s say person A is you, you’re consuming 1000 calories a day and burning 2000, at the start you see scale weight is dropping rapidly, which on the surface looks great, however this is not from fat.

When drastically dropping your calories you are depleting your glycogen stores (broken down carbs stored in muscle). Glycogen retains a lot of water, once those stores are depleted you lose a lot of water and therefore weight.

This is the equivalent of draining your car full of petrol, it weighs less but it looks exactly the same and will stop moving very soon just like you will on 1000 calories.

Because you’re consuming minimal calories your body is doing everything it can to slow down your metabolism in order to save calories, which results in you moving less than you used to.

Your body is always trying to be in a state of equilibrium so weight loss will slow down to its slowest rate in order to survive.

Now your muscles have been emptied of glycogen and aren’t being restored so your body will start burning stored protein (muscle) as fuel.

Protein is responsible for making your hair, muscles, skin and nails look good.

How much protein will be burnt depends on how silly you are with your calories, the lower you go the more protein you’ll burn.

So not only are your energy levels declining but your health, vitality and youthful looks are to.

Fat has a larger surface area than protein (muscle takes up less space than fat) this means you’re shape is going to look pretty much the same if not worse and the scale weight will hardly change.

You want to look better by the end of this right?

Following this approach will help you look worse, feel worse, make you miserable, kill your social life and your libido.

Low calorie dieting still sounding appealing for fat loss?

When eat less you move less, when you eat more you move more.

Trying to eat less and move more doesn’t work, people have tried this for decades, it didn’t work for them and you won’t be the exception.

Now let’s take a look at Person B

Let’s say person B is your best friend,

Your friend is eating 2000 calories a day and burning 2200, they’re activity levels are high and they’re going to the gym three times per week.

Scale weight is steadily going down and most of it is from fat so they look and feel great.

Because calories are higher and glycogen levels get restored their protein is protected, this means that their muscle, hair nails, skin are all protected to.

Due to this their energy levels are continuously high because their body isn’t having to run on empty, metabolism and bodily functions are still performing optimally and their libido is great.

Because they have more calories to play around with they also have greater food choices. This means whilst you are stuck in eating your 20th low calorie salad of the week they’re out with your other friends enjoying some fun foods.

How much more appealing does their fat loss journey sound?

Both people of you are in a calorie deficit, without this neither of you will lose weight.

However, you are losing a lot of muscle, you’re miserable and also feel and look like shit (hypothetically remember).

Whilst your friend is losing mostly fat, they’re happy whilst feeling and looking great, with a healthy sex drive remember.

This is where people get the wrong idea of “eat more to lose more” you can’t eat more calories than you burn to lose weight it isn’t possible, but eating more than starving yourself will result in burning more fat this is important to note.

Extreme calories deficits very rarely work and they aren’t sustainable long term, slight calorie deficits do work and are sustainable for longer periods and are much more enjoyable.

To look better when pursuing fat loss results you need to build and shape muscle whilst fuelling and nourishing your body, do not starve it or punish it, you will look a feel worse because of it.

If you have struggled to enjoy and maintain the process of achieving a healthier and leaner body, keeping energy levels high and feeling great the whole time then I can help you.

I am exclusively offering you guys (my blog reader) a free weeks trial with me at my private training studio where you will get a taste of how I help my clients achieve the above.

If you feel like my service and knowledge is something that will benefit you then cool we can discuss what options I have to achieve your goals, if not then that’s cool to I would of been glad to have met you.

Either way you will definitely walk away learning something that will benefit you.

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A huge thank you for reading :)


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