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One day or Day One?

Sorry to come at you with a cheesy title but it’s a very good question.

For most of the people who read my social media posts and these blogs it is one day and not day one.

And the fact is if you were to consistently implement one to three of the free bits of advice I have given you over the past 12 months you’d be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Yet you still find yourself stuck exactly where you were at the start, why?

It’s not that you don’t want it enough because I know you do, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading this.

The fact you’re here reading this shows me you want to make a change and better yourself, so why isn’t it happening?

You may not be able to answer it but Im fairly sure I can.

It’s because you have no one keeping you accountable and you’re stuck in a fixed mindset not ready to step out of your comfort zone and grow.

Because you have no one to make you feel accountable it is very easy to put getting started off and say “ill do it tomorrow, next week, or once the timings better”.

The timing will never be better, now is just as good a day as any other to get the ball rolling.

Having a fixed mindset keeps you from trying, having a fixed mindset means your scared to fail therefor you fear ever starting. Failure is a part of succeeding every time you fail you’ll learn and become better and be one step close to your goals. Once you come to terms with that it’s okay to fail and understand you’ll learn from it you will find it’s easier to not put off starting.

As you most probably know I started a course this year in Business Acumen, Nutrition and Advanced Coaching, 90% of the information supplied in this course is on the web somewhere for free, yet I paid quite a lot for it.

Sure I could’ve searched the web and found all this stuff myself but why would I want to spend a large chunk of my day searching when I can just pay someone to give it to me and teach me, saving me time and effort.

There is also a lot of misguiding information on the internet to, paying a highly qualified and respected person to teach me reassures me that it’s the right information.

Most importantly investing my hard earned money into something gives me accountability, if I hadn’t invested, I know for a fact I wouldn’t work so hard at it because I would have nothing to lose.

And this is exactly why its one day for you and not day one, you have nothing to lose, sure you may not achieve your goals but you’ll be in the same situation as you are now, not worse off so there’s nothing to lose.

There is so much information out there for you to take and apply to your life right now that will benefit you but you haven’t because of the above.

So if you truly want to make a change and make today day one and not one day you need to step out of your comfort zone grab life by the balls, note that failure isn’t and option, challenge yourself and most importantly invest in yourself.

I can teach you all you need to know in order to help you gain that confidence, drop that dress size, feel healthier and I can be your accountability partner helping you at every stage of your journey and offering support.

The best part is you can try it out for free for a week, you’ll learn from me, get the ball rolling in starting your journey and be more confident in trying without having to part with your hard earned money.

So what’s it gonna be, one day or day one?

If it's day one then feel free to schedule in you’re free weeks session with me by emailing me @

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