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Taking Time Off

This week has been the first time in 15 months that I have taken some time for myself and had a break away from work.

The last time I had a holiday or time off without any work for more than a day was when I went to Thailand last February.

These past 15 months I have worked pretty much everyday to grow my business, help my clients and get one step closer to reaching my goals.

And this mini holiday was something I did need to take sooner but never pushed myself to do so.


Because I do love what I do and it can be quite scary taking time off when things are going well. I was worried stepping away from my business and clients would result in a couple steps back.

Just like I’m sure it is for you achieving your fitness goals.

You’re enjoying your routine, body fat levels are going down, strength is increasing, fitness levels are the best they’ve been since you were a kid and you feel awesome.

You’ve got that holiday coming up where you know temptation will be at an all time high for eating calorific foods, getting drunk on empty liquid calories and being a sloth for 14 days.

Because of all this you’re scared that your going to gain lots of weight, struggle in the gym once you get back and you worry you’ll be in a worse place than when you left.

Do you know how to combat this and prevent this from happening?

You cut your holiday in half to half the damages.

Im kidding.

You don’t worry and you embrace your time off and enjoy yourself.

2 weeks of extra calories and low activity levels will not affect the other 50 weeks in the year where you’ve worked your ass off to improve your health and confidence.

If anything it will help you achieve greater results once you get back and you feel rejuvenated.

Working out and eating right to get in shape isn’t easy, it takes effort, discipline, sacrifice and consistency, these all affect your willpower, determination and energy levels.

Taking time off will give your body a full chance to recover and repair properly, reduce your cravings and improve your mood.

Sure taking time off may result in a step or two back but it will also help you take many more steps forward.

if you don't put off starting again once you're back, the longer you put it off the harder it will be to get back your routine.

Taking time off this week has helped me relax, destress, come up with some good ideas for content, catch up with people close to me and refuel my drive to work my ass off.

Taking this time off has affected my viewings and interaction levels for my business on social media but only for this week.

Next week is a new week where I can hit it hard with the new content I was able to create whilst being on holiday.

Try new strategies with clients that I have come up with to get better results and increase adherence.

All things that wouldn’t of been done for a while if I didn’t take that time off.

So enjoy your upcoming holiday.

Eat your favourite foods.

Get drunk on your favourite calorific drinks.

Don’t worry about your 10,000 steps.

And take time to recharge yourself for when you get back so you can hit more PB’s, further improve your health and get those steps closer to your goals.

If you are scared you’ll do too much damage when you're away and want to be more careful here are a few tips.

- Keep activity levels up by seeing the sights, swimming, renting kayaks, going snorkelling or renting some push bikes.

- Ask for zero calorie mixers

- Have ice lollies instead of ice creams.

- Have ice creams without the cone.

- Have a light lunch.

- Drink spirits instead of beer or wine.

- Push breakfast back a few hours to reduce your eating window.

There are plenty of options you can choose to help reduce the damage, if you want to, it just takes some extra thought and small action, just be sure to have fun and enjoy yourself.

If you’re looking to lose those extra couple of lbs and further tone up your body before your holiday, whilst having some accountability and motivation to keep things up once you get back feel free to email for a free trial.

I’m offering you a week of 1-1 coaching in my private training studio where you can learn how to train and nourish your body towards the goals you’re seeking.

If you want to get better results than you currently are then send an email to requesting to book in for your free trial.

A huge thank you for reading :)

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