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Personal Training is Dead!!

Yes you read that right Personal Training is dead and is also outdated.

If you’re reading this post then you shouldn’t be looking for a personal trainer either.

I know what you’re thinking,

“But Louis aren’t you a Personal Trainer?”

In a sense yes but also no, I was a personal trainer when I first started but over the years I have evolved into becoming a coach moving away from just being a trainer.

Let me explain.

A personal trainer is someone that you see weekly for a training session and maybe get a basic programme written for you, that’s it.

Long gone are the days that I’d just turn up for an hour give someone a session, count their reps and give them a take away training plan to follow then leaving them to it until their next session.

To get great results it takes much more than that, you need to change your activity habits, eating habits and also your identity to a certain extent. These all take place outside of those weekly training sessions.

For you to be able to identify and change all of these successfully you need someone to coach you through it, someone you can turn to and keeps you motivated and accountable not just in sessions but outside of them to.

The changes that make the biggest impact on weight loss aren’t the ones in the gym they’re the changes you make outside of it.

Lets say you were to train five days per week, sounds like a lot of training right? Which yes it is but theres still 163 hours left in where you can slip up and go wrong if you don’t have the right plan or support.

Your activity habits and eating habits play a much larger role in your weight loss success in comparison to the gym.

Habits are hard to spot yourself as they’re done automatically and without thought. Having coach to help you identify them and suggest new ones to replace them can make a huge difference in your results.

When aiming for great results your identity will need to change somewhat in order to be successful.

You may be identified now as the one that gets all the drinks in, the one that always has a cake with your coffee, the one that sits down every evening and watches tv all night or the one that always goes out for lunch.

For you to make a change these sorts of things need to change to. Your identity is what has lead you to being unhappy with your shape, less confident and not as physically fit as you wish to be.

Therefor If you want to change your body shape then these are going to have to change to.

I emphasise change because change doesn’t mean banish or cut out, but they do need to change.

Once you start to take action on changing there will be some people who will try and pull you back to your original identity.

Maybe it’s your partner who you have a bottle of wine and takeaway with each weekend followed by a fry up the next morning.

Once you start to move away from that they’ll encourage you to not change and to keep doing it with them.

Not because they want you to fail but because that’s their routine and habit.

When going through this situation a trainer won’t be there to support you and help you through the process.

A coach will be there for you with support and suggestions.

A trainer may say “these foods won’t help you lose weight you need to avoid them”.

Whereas a coach will work with you to find a solution such as finding a lower calorie bottle of wine to share as apposed to a bottle each. They’ll help you find a lower calorie option of takeaway food and suggest you remove the fat from the bacon, don’t cook in oils or butter and have a smaller portion size.

With this approach everyones is a winner.

You and your partner still get to enjoy your weekly habit/tradition, you don’t have to ban foods from your diet and you get to lose body fat.

Id like to refer back to a point I made earlier on how things outside the gym play a more important role, this is true if you just want weight loss.

However if you want more than that and you want to feel stronger, more toned, move better, feel healthier and sexier/hotter then training is the best way to achieve this and a coach covers this to.

If you’ve failed to get results in the past whilst paying for expertise it’s because you hadn’t received help outside of the gym which is going to play a large role and determine your success.

If you’re looking to make a real change that’s sustainable, supportive and enjoyable then you need to find yourself a good coach.

Lucky for you you’re reading the blog of one right now ;)

If you are looking to make that change but aren’t quite sure yet then that’s cool.

What Im exclusively offering to you is a weeks free trial at my private training facility where I will personally coach you on training and nutrition for the week, completely free of charge.

If you want to make a change and improvements on your physique and health then we can get a plan together for you to follow and achieve great results with great support.

If not then you would have still learnt useful training and diet tips from the week.

To book your free week of coaching then you can get in touch by emailing me at stating you’d like to book in your free weeks coaching trial.

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A huge thank you for reading :)

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