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These Statistics Are Going To Shock You

Ive been doing some market research this week based on the feedback you guys answered on my survey (thank you by the way).

And although I knew some of following information some of it was pretty surprising.

So here is the information I came across.

  • 64.3% of the UK’s population are overweight.

  • This has more than doubled since the 1980’s when it was around 30%.

  • Sugar consumption has decreased 22% since 1999,

  • Carb consumption has decreased 11% since 1999.

  • But overweight and obesity has increased by 6.3% since then.

  • In the year 2000 there were 3 million people with gym memberships in the UK.

  • There are now 9.9 million people with a gym membership but only 27% of them go regularly.

  • Despite that there are now nearly 7 million more gym memberships 1/3 of the population don’t achieve 30 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

  • 89% of women go on diets at some time in their life.

  • 2/3 of Brits are dieting right now.

  • 99% of diets fail.

If you’re reading this there is a theres a 99.9999% chance you fall into several of these statistics.

Looking at the numbers above it’s clear to see people want to lose weight.

With decreased carb and sugar consumption (not the cause of weight gain or obesity but that’s what we’re told)

Increased gym membership purchases,

And most of the UK are dieting right now,

Despite all of this we have the highest percentage of overweight and obese people than we’ve ever seen.

Part of the issue is the abundance of information, terrible information may I add along with the decrease in activity and increase in consumption of processed foods.

Today I want to address the abundance of terrible information because this is a huge factor.

Everywhere you look someone is telling you to do something different.

“Try this new workout”

“Try this new diet”

“This is the only way to lose weight”

“The fastest way to get results guaranteed”

“Torch belly fat in 14 days”

And It’s super confusing and misleading.

It upsets me and angers me when I see someone fall victim to all the poor advice out there because they’re going to be miserable following it and carrying more body fat not long after they’ve finished it.

99% of diets fail and after people fail they rebound hard and gain more weight than they had in the first place.

If you weren’t fed the bullshit information of ridiculous diets, workout routines and time frames you would be well on your way to achieving your goals.

The diets and workouts make you miserable so achieving weight loss seems impossible.

Whilst the ridiculous and often impossible time frames make you too impatient to wait and see results.

So that’s why I’m going to tell you how to achieve your goals without being miserable, deceived and so you can breakaway from being one of the statistics above.

Step 1) Do not follow a diet, you have a diet already it consists of the foods you like and the times you like to eat. However, what you need to do is eat smaller portions, eat less processed food and more whole foods, increase your vegetables and protein and identify the food/drink that you struggle to put down.

Step 2) Move more, you don’t have to jump around the front room or do hours of boring cardio for this either. Simply park further from work and the shops, take the stairs, take a 10 minute walk at lunch, get up from your desk every 30 minutes and move about. All these extra movements help burn a lot of calories over time.

Step 3) Lift weights, weight training will enhance your calorie expenditure, lower your risk of certain diseases, increase bone density, improve your body shape, reduce signs of again and promote longevity. Train 3 times per week and push yourself to train hard each session.

Step 4) Be patient, if you want great results that you can sustain for a long time your going to have to wait. Too many people want results tomorrow and this is where they jump from diet to diet and programme to programme and achieve nothing. Don’t be that person.

Following this approach won’t get you head turning results in a couple of weeks but you will in time if you stick at it.

This is the approach all of my clients undergo and they’ve achieved amazing things, not only in physique, but in health, confidence, strength and knowledge.

All whilst enjoying their social lives and what they do to reach their goals.

You can trial and experience what my clients get and go through for free with my free weeks trial.

Sample how they train, learn how they plan their nutrition and experience what they get to learn.

If you don’t want to be part of the above statistics anymore grab this free experience by emailing me at and book your free weeks trial.

You won’t regret it.

P.s Today is the last day you can win 2 week of free personal training, all you need to do is click HERE and fill out the survey, once completed please send me and email saying done and your name as all responses will be anonymous.

Many thanks in advance and best of luck,


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