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The Best Foods & Diets for Fat Loss

The most common questions I get asked are to all do with fat loss diets and or foods.

It seems that everyone wants to know and be told what to eat and how to eat.

So I thought I’d put it out there for you in writing so you know which foods and diets are best for fat loss.

So here it goes,

The best foods and diets for fat loss are......

All of them and none of them.

Now this answer does seem very contradicting and in a sense it is, let me explain.

Let’s start with diets for fat loss.

Now if I had a room full of 100 people and told them I want you all to follow a bodybuilders diet of broccoli, chicken, and rice, everyone in the room will get in awesome shape.

IF and it’s big if, they can stick to it.

Now a handful of people will be able to stick to it out of that 100 so for them that is the best diet for fat loss. It worked for them they stuck to it so, in essence, it's the best fat loss diet for them as it fits their personality and lifestyle.

Now for the rest of you, you wouldn’t have been able to adhere to it, it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, it’s too plain and boring and it didn’t make you happy.

And I say YOU because if you’re reading this I'm 99.99% sure you would be one of the ones that couldn’t stick to it.

Now let’s say there were 90 people left who couldn’t follow the plan you included and I told you to now go away and try a keto diet, another couple of people will get in awesome shape again. They enjoy lots of fats and protein and don’t feel like they’re missing carbs so for them this is the best fat loss diet.

But again for you and most people, it won’t work.

This is why all/no diets work so well, they work well for a certain small group of people so for them it is the best fat loss diet. However, for you, it’s a completely different story.

The best fat loss diet is the one you can stick to and enjoy that produces results, if it doesn’t tick any of these boxes then it’s not the one for you.

Now let’s move on to foods.

All foods whether processed or unprocessed are beneficial to your fat loss and here is why.

Let's start with the easy option first of unprocessed food.

Unprocessed foods are very nutrient-dense.

Nutrients play a very important role in the body and keep it running optimally.

Certain nutrients are needed to keep the immune system strong, others help keep your bones strong, prevent you from losing muscle, help with the oxidation of fat cells (burn fat) and more.

If your body lacks these nutrients you won’t be running optimally, therefore, your body won’t be as sufficient as it could be at burning fat.

Unprocessed foods are also high in satiety, this means that you feel fuller for longer helping you stick to lower calories without feeling hungry.

Processed foods tend to be higher in calories and are less satiating which leads to overconsumption of calories.

Eating unprocessed foods the majority of the time will be most optimal for health and fat loss. But remember not all of them are low in calories.

Nuts, oily fish, avocado, oils and anything that is high in fat content are high in calories. They are packed full of nutrients and healthy fats which are very important to the body but like anything you have to manage your intake no matter what it is.

Fats contain 9 calories per gram whilst carbs and protein only contain 4 calories per gram, this makes it easier to over-consume fats.

I’m sure you’re wondering how processed foods like pizza, donuts, burgers, and brownies help with fat loss so let's get into that next.

These foods play an important role in your psychological health/mentality when dieting to lose body fat.

If you ban these foods completely it won’t be long until you’re miserable and fall of the wagon. This is why most of you haven’t found a diet that works yet, they’re too restive and alien to you.

These foods can make us feel good. When we’re born we have an inbuilt excitement towards sweet and salty foods. These foods stimulate our tastebuds, this then releases dopamine from our brains (a feel-good hormone) and makes us happier.

Yes, we can get sweet and salt from unprocessed foods but as we all know it doesn’t “reward” us in the same way.

However, I’d like to point out although these foods release dopamine when consumed, studies have continuously shown that you can dampen the feeling when they’re consuming these foods too often.

Therefore the person eating pizza once every two weeks is enjoying it more than the person eating it 2-3 times per week. I’ve been at both ends and I can vouch for this.

Having occasional processed food helps keep us on track. Completely removing them from your diet sets you up to throw in the towel and go back to your old ways.

Removing these foods also affects your social life and can make it very difficult when eating out with friends and family, going to a party or a bbq.

You draw attention to yourself, you feel segregated as you’re the only one not eating the same as everyone else, which isn’t fun.

Believe me, I have been there I've turned up to a bbq with lean steak and asparagus everyone was taking the piss all night. Personally, I didn’t really care but I know a lot of people would in that situation.

Also if you’re someone who’s been trying to diet all your life, this sort of thing only draws more attention that you’re trying another diet, again.

At the end of the day we are here to enjoy life as we only get one go at it we’re not here to be miserable trying to be as lean as possible and not enjoy the wonderful tasting food that's being created.

We need to find the right balance of having healthy levels of body fat, good health and good fitness which comes from eating unprocessed food and training hard but we also need to be enjoying ourselves and eating our favourite calorific foods from time to time.

Is getting the balance easy? No not at all, if it was everyone would be in amazing shape.

Can it be achieved? Of course, you just need to work hard for it and make a conscious effort and by following the right plan.

If you struggle to get that right balance then I am here to help.

I continuously teach and educate my clients on how to get that right balance and how they can slowly build-up to the change, not going from 0-100.

If you would like to be taught how to achieve this then you can jump on a week's free trial of personal training with me where I will teach you how to train effectively and about nutrition.

All you need to do is email me stating you’d like to book in for a free trial.

Once you get the balance right you’ll be happier, more confident and wearing clothes you never saw yourself wearing before.

If you found this blog helpful please feel free to share it through the social media icons below :)

A huge thank you for reading.

P.s next on the 12th of august my brand new recipe book will be released and it’s a special edition so be sure that you're signed up to receive it before then as it will only be released once. Click here to sign up now and never miss out on a recipe book again, I release one a month.


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