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The Best Foods & Diets for Fat Loss

The most common questions I get asked are to all do with fat loss diets and or foods.

It seems that everyone wants to know and be told what to eat and how to eat.

So I thought I’d put it out there for you in writing so you know which foods and diets are best for fat loss.

So here it goes,

The best foods and diets for fat loss are......

All of them and none of them.

Now this answer does seem very contradicting and in a sense it is, let me explain.

Let’s start with diets for fat loss.

Now if I had a room full of 100 people and told them I want you all to follow a bodybuilders diet of broccoli, chicken, and rice, everyone in the room will get in awesome shape.

IF and it’s big if, they can stick to it.

Now a handful of people will be able to stick to it out of that 100 so for them that is the best diet for fat loss. It worked for them they stuck to it so, in essence, it's the best fat loss diet for them as it fits their personality and lifestyle.

Now for the rest of you, you wouldn’t have been able to adhere to it, it doesn’t suit your lifestyle, it’s too plain and boring and it didn’t make you happy.

And I say YOU because if you’re reading this I'm 99.99% sure you would be one of the ones that couldn’t stick to it.