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My Top 5 Tips for Achieving Weight Loss

I want to share with you my top 5 tips for weight loss which you can start doing right away and see improvements fast. 1. Keep a food diary - Eating is very habitual, so habitual a lot of us don’t even realise or remember what we have eaten when trying to think what we ate a couple of days ago. Keeping a food diary makes you aware of what you’re consuming. Tracking your mood and energy around food consumption can also help you understand why it is you may snack on certain things. Example 3 chocolate biscuits (stressed and mentally tired at work). From here you can start improving those choices as you are constantly reminded what holds you back from achieving weight loss. 2. Weigh yourself every morning - That’s right, first thing every morning. Weighing yourself first thing every morning is a great accountability tool, think of it like checking your bank balance. If you were to check it every day you’d be a lot less frugal with your money and spend more sensibly. Tracking your weight every morning helps you do the same as you don’t want to see your weight is still the same 2-4 weeks down the line. *Note your body will naturally fluctuate throughout the week depending on water retention, bowel movements, and menstrual cycle. Write down your weight across the 7 days then take the average number week to week. Women, you can weigh up to 2-3kg around menstruation so know you’ll be heavier at this time. 3. Move more every day! - You don't have to workout or train with weights to achieve weight loss, in fact moving more can be more important. Ways in which you can move more are: Going for a 30-minute walk each day in the morning or at lunchtime. This will not take any extra time out of your day and can burn an extra 1400 calories per week!! Stand up to work. Standing desks are becoming increasingly more popular and can burn an extra 2000 calories per week! Avoid sitting down too much. Standing up to take phone calls, walking to the furthest printer in the office, volunteering for jobs that require you to fetch something can all greatly improve your daily calorie expenditure. Start doing simple stretches at your desk. To avoid poor posture and bad back perform small stretches at your desk each day, this will also help improve your movement and blood flow. Weight training is incredibly beneficial for overall health, fat loss and preventing certain diseases. Once you feel ready you should take full advantage of the benefits that it offers you. 4. Stop eating gluten-based foods (if you feel bloated or uncomfortable after eating them) - Certain foods can cause inflammation and each person is different. Some people it’s gluten, some dairy and also processed foods. Sustained inflammation is considered a strong risk factor for developing Cardio Vascular Diseases, metabolic syndrome, and diabetes. Metabolic syndrome can cause insulin resistance which can lead to fat storage. A typical Mediterranean dietary pattern has shown anti-inflammatory effects when compared to Northern America or Northern European Countries - Galland l. Nutr Clin Pract. 2010 (Reference) 5. Prioritise your sleep - Not getting enough sleep can cause an increase in appetite and a decrease in movement a cocktail for disaster when wanting to lose weight. Be sure to aim for 7-8 hours to prevent you from overeating and becoming underachieve. To learn more about how to improve your sleep Click Here. If you follow these 5 tips and stick to them you will see an awesome improvement in yourself, not only in reducing body fat but in your overall health and wellbeing too. When you’re ready here are 3 ways in which I can help you for free! Download and listen to my podcast for free - I discuss ways in which you can improve your results by applying the simple tools I layout for you in each episode. Click Here to listen Free personal training - Come along for a week's free personal training in my fully private training facility and learn how to exercise and eat effectively for your goals. Click Here to book in your free week. Download my complete beginners' guide to fat loss - This free guide will teach you what you need to know on how to lose fat and comes with a free training plan. Click Here to download.

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