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My Struggles with Body Confidence

I have been where you’ve been.

I had very low confidence levels,

Areas of my body I wanted to cover up,

I Didn’t feel like I can wear certain clothes that I wanted because I was embarrassed about certain body parts being on show.

Having low confidence sucks and affects your life a lot.

It stopped me from doing certain things, made me feel inadequate around my friends who didn’t have the same problem and I was always constantly worried about what people might think.

It drained my energy due to the constant worry and overthinking everything in my head.

A lot of people think “what’s he or she got to be self-conscious or unconfident about they’re not overweight” and I can’t tell you how much this angers me.

Sure I've never been overweight in my life but that doesn’t mean I can’t suffer from being unconfident or that it doesn’t give me the right to be.

Being unconfident is very unique to each individual and is relative.

Let’s say Lewis Hamilton wins the Grand Prix and on the same day a kid wins his first-ever go-kart race, does this mean the kid doesn’t have a right to be as happy as Lewis Hamilton? Of course, it doesn’t, again it's relative to each person.

There is no rule book on how you have to look or feel to be unconfident it can happen to anyone.

Being unconfident and self-conscious is something you shouldn’t and don’t have to suffer with, whether it's a weight-related issue or body image issue.

Like me, you don’t have to constantly cover up, miss out on things or feel inadequate.

I’ve helped many people lose weight, build muscle and improve their fitness but do you know what I'm most proud about? Helping people regain and build a level of confidence they didn’t even know they had.

When my clients tell me they’ve worn a new dress, felt comfortable in a bikini they’d never dreamed of wearing, didn’t feel conscious about taking their top off on holiday, felt like they no longer had to worry about how they look. Nothing beats that feeling or makes me happier.

I want you to picture yourself feeling like this.

Imagine going out for dinner in a beautiful dress you never thought you’d wear.

Imagine being on holiday and not feeling like you have to cover up anymore.

Imagine not having to try on umpteen different clothes until you felt comfortable because you felt great in everything.

You can be like this, you can achieve total confidence simply by following the right plan that helps you improve the areas causing you confidence issues.

You will have to work hard and it's going to take some time but I promise it is so worth it and there is no greater feeling.

It's like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders now I've addressed what was causing me to be unconfident. Which was being skin and bones by the way, my legs were always half the size of any girls I dated. My upper arms were the same width as my wrist, my spine looked like a stegosaurus because I was so thin. (That’s the dinosaur with spikes up it's back by the way).

My legs now get complimented which is such a big deal to me.

My arms can now fill out sleeves in t-shirts and don’t look like a needle up a drain pipe.

My spine doesn’t dig into the floor and pop out no more it’s cushioned and protected by muscle.

I was such a self-conscious and unconfident teen but I am a million miles away from that now, to the point people talk about how confident I am and they don’t believe me when I say I wasn’t always like this.

For the record, I am not confident in a cocky way that’s the polar opposite of my personality but my personality is now a confident one simply due to addressing my un-confidence with my body.

It has completely changed me as a person, working out and eating more nutritious meals has improved my life as well as many of my clients.

So what’s it going to be?

Are you going to stay how you are now, unconfident, wearing all black, covering up constantly and continuously worrying about your lack of confidence or what other people might think?


Are you going to make a change so you can be saying statements like the following my clients do…..

Before training with Louis I was very self-conscious about my legs but now I feel a lot more confident as I feel a lot more toned. I now feel less afraid to wear shorts and dresses which is a big thing for me but I finally have the confidence to do so.

- Lisa Butcher

I would always hide and cover up my upper body because I was never happy of how thin and how small my chest was, wearing a vest was an absolute no no. Since training my confidence has come on heaps, I love seeing how much my physique has developed and I now feel confident enough to wear vests. - Dom Ross

I approached Louis as I really wanted to start incorporating weights into my training but had 0 confidence in doing so. I am soooooo happy I decided to start pt with Louis as he has massively increased my confidence, taught me so much and I have found a new love for weights! - Katie Oats

Before starting with Louis, I'd unknowingly lost a little bit of respect for myself and had inevitably lost confidence. Since improving my physical and mental health through my PT sessions and support from Louis, my confidence has improved greatly in all areas - self respect, relationships and work. Plus others are noticing too! - Darren Hartley

My passion is giving people the confidence they never dreamed of having.

My mission statement is:

To provide people the tools and knowledge they need to help improve their lives and achieve total body confidence,

I teach people how to create a body they're proud of whilst still enjoying their diet.

This is the reason that drives me to get out of bed every day, to create content on my social media, to give away free tips, because I don’t want people to feel the way I felt before but the way I do now.

If you are struggling with body confidence then here are 3 ways in which I can help you for free!.

Download and listen to my podcast for free- I discuss ways in which you can improve your results by applying the simple tools I layout for you in each episode. Click Here to listen Free personal training - Come along for a week's free personal training in my fully private training facility and learn how to exercise and eat effectively for your goals. Click Here to book in your free week. Download my complete beginners' guide to fat loss - This free guide will teach you what you need to know on how to lose fat and comes with a free training plan. Click Here to download.

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Thanks for reading,



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