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9lbs Down in 2 Weeks!!

9lbs Down in 2 Weeks!!

2 weeks ago I ran a competition to win 2 free weeks of personal training, all people had to do was guess my weight from a let’s say a limited clothed picture of me after training.

I offered the person closest to my weight 2 free weeks of personal training and can be accompanied by a friend.

Many attempted but some people were nearly 20kg out (guessing a lot higher than I was) Hayley was the closest with only 0.3kg out winning her and her husband 2 weeks personal training for free.

Here was what she said and here was the outcome:

"So despite our jesting and groaning about winning 2 weeks PT, Ash and I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to Louis Kennedy for both his time and patience in kick-starting and supporting our healthy new lifestyle.

Since our 1st session, we have tweaked a few eating habits alongside the workouts. I have given up drinking any form of diet coke and substituted my Caramel Choo choo for yogurt or a less fattening ice-cream and Ash is actually drinking water (without alcohol) and making fruit smoothies. I amazingly lost 9Lb in the 2 weeks by just making a few simple changes. We were already trying to avoid processed foods and cook from fresh but we are more inspired now and more adventurous with our mealtime choices.

We are certainly feeling the benefits of both our new eating habits and the exercise programs that Louis put us through.

We strongly recommend a session with Louis who is very knowledgeable in his field and will most defiantly help you change your lifestyle for the better.”

9 lbs down in 2 weeks from TWEAKING a FEW eating habits that I suggested. Imagine how you’d feel losing that much weight in 2 weeks with small changes to your diet and lifestyle?

Each week I offer you the very same chance to do this, at the end of every blog I send you I give you the chance to come along for a week free trial.

Yet you still haven’t taken advantage of it yet.

Hayley isn’t the first person to experience and benefit this offer either. Other people have taken me up on the free weeks trial, not everyone keeps up the training but every single one of them has benefited, learned things and been able to achieve weight loss.

But that’s the beauty of the offer you don’t have to financially commit to a thing. You learn a whole lot of information for free, I help identify small changes you can make in your diet and you can lose weight and feel fitter.

This is the perfect time to start your journey to better your health, reduce your body fat, and improve your energy levels.

Not everyone will take this offer, they believe there is some sort of catch, they’re the ones that will miss out.

You, however, can be that one that takes the offer, the one like Hayley that loses 9lbs, the one that improves their posture and energy like Dianne, the one that completely transformed their physique, achieved body confidence and increased their strength tenfold like Lisa.

So what’s it gonna be? 9lbs closer to your goal or staying 9lbs away from it? Grab your free weeks session through the link below. Free personal training - Come along for a week's free personal training in my fully private training facility and learn how to exercise and eat effectively for your goals. Click Here to book in your free week. Download and listen to my podcast for free- I discuss ways in which you can improve your results by applying the simple tools I layout for you in each episode. Click Here to listen Download my complete beginners' guide to fat loss - This free guide will teach you what you need to know on how to lose fat and comes with a free training plan. Click Here to download.

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Thanks for reading :)

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