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The 'Aha Moment' That Will Change Your Life

The other week I was checking in with one of my online clients via Skype. Every month I check in with them, we discuss how their gym routines are going, what progress is being made, re-establish goals and plan for the next 4-8 weeks. In this particular call, my client had a big “aha moment” around nutrition. She explained how shocked she was in how much all the little things add up. How just a few nibbles of something (that you wouldn’t necessarily think of logging) really start to add up in calories. This “aha moment" is one that everyone eventually experiences when they start properly looking into what they’re consuming. To save you the time (and calories) waiting for this moment I thought I’d put some stats together and bring the moment to you now. Many people overlook “the small things” as they believe the serving size is small so it is not worth noting.

Here are the same numbers calculated over a year.

Before thinking “but I don’t eat like that every week” remember this is a very conservative week based on the average person's diet and food logs I have assessed throughout my career.

These stats show that based over a course of a year you would consume a whopping 193,232 calories from “those small things” you thought you didn’t need to account for.

Look at it like this, 1lb of fat is roughly 3500 calories. Consuming this conservative amount is the equivalent of 55lbs (25kg/3.9 stone) of body fat in a year!

You would also consume nearly 13 bags of sugar!

And that’s not taking into account things that aren’t on this list.

If you aren’t losing weight/reducing body fat then it might be worth considering “the little things” more because they will stop you from seeing results.

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