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An Elderly Russian Lady Coping A Feel

My apartment is up 16 flights of stairs from the basement where I park my car.

Most of the time I take the stairs to help keep my steps up and active but whenever I get some shopping or train legs there's no way in hell I'm walking taking them.

So on this occasion, I opted for the lift.

I got to the floor just before mine where an elderly Russian lady was stood.

I asked her if she was going down or up as the lift is going up.

She nodded and said yes.

I didn't know if she said yes to going up or down but she jumped in so I assumed she understood me.

I was wrong.

We went up to my floor and she saw that no one was there waiting and she wasn't on the ground floor to exit the building so she muttered something and went to close the door.

I had to leap in and say this is where I was getting off so she put her arm behind me put her hand on my bum and gently guided me out.

I didn't know what to do or say, I didn't know if I should point out she shouldn't be touching strangers as coronavirus is out or whether to pick her up on touching strangers bums in general.

But I just froze and allowed myself to get guided out as I walked past her.

At least she gently did it and not forcefully I guess.

This is how I'm not going to describe my style of coaching.

"The elderly Russian cop a feel style"

You see like her I don't force my clients into anything nor aggressively push them into the deep end.

Instead, I gently guide them in the right direction towards their goals.

If the Russian lady pushed me out the door my chances of tripping and hurting myself would have been heightened.

Instead she just gently encouraged me out of the door and no mishaps happened. (Despite being slightly harassed 😂).

This is one of the reasons why I have a great success rate with my clients as I gently guide them to their goals (without touching and harassment 😂).

You see if I were to push them chances are they'd fail, learn nothing, and pick up no long term sustaining habits.

However, because I gently encourage them slowly down the right path they achieve incredible results that they can sustain, learn a great deal of information from, and build long term sustainable habits.

Many of my clients and many people I've spoken to have been pushed out the door or even thrown themselves out the door which has to lead to no results and only upset.

The fitness industry is full people pushing you out the door quickly so at first, it feels like you're getting to your destination quickly but then bam, you crash and burn and end up worse than when you first started.

The good news is I can help you fix that, I can help you back up and guide you towards your goals easier, more enjoyable, and to your destination effectively.

If you want to get to your goals and achieve results you didn't think were possible then now is the time to sign up to Leap Into 6.

There are only 6 days left to sign up and in 6 weeks you can be happier and leaner than ever before without feeling like you've broken yourself to get there.

Click here if you want to achieve this.



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