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Are You Strong Enough To Be In The Gym?

You're not strong enough to be here can you please leave! Can you imagine if someone said those words to you? Especially a Personal Trainer? The thing is, it never would. You don't have to be able to squat your bodyweight for 10 reps or deadlift 1.5x your bodyweight to earn the right to go to the gym and train, everyone is entitled to workout regardless of their strength.  Yet so many times I have heard people say "but I'm not strong enough" or "I'm too weak to lift weights" This objection blows my mind I don't understand why people think or say this. Can you imagine a young Lewis Hamilton saying I'm not going to practice driving because I'm not skilled enough? Or if Scarlett Johansson said I'm not going to practice my acting because I'm not convincing enough? This is the exact reason why they practice and it's the exact reason you should train with weights. People don't train with weights because they're strong, they train because they want to get stronger despite how strong or "weak" they are.  Training with weights is quite literally one of the best things that I have done, it's made me stronger minded as well as stronger in my physique. I've been training for a long time yet I'm not incredibly strong if I was to compare myself to a strongman or even just someone in the gym who is stronger than me.  But who cares? I'm not training to compete with them nor am I ever going to enter a weight lifting competition, I'm doing it so I can be stronger than I was. My client Katie had the fear of lifting heavy believing she felt she wasn't that strong and felt intimidated by men lifting heavy around her.

She can now Hip Thrust 120kg and Deadlift 80kg only weighing 64kg herself. This is an increase of 96kg on Hip Thrusts and 45kg on Deadlifts. Now I'd say that is impressively strong, would she of achieved that level of strength without weight lifting? 1000% not. Was she naturally strong from the start? No, but she certainly wasn't as weak as she perceived.  And neither are you despite what you think, even if you are, who cares? You're going to be a hell of a lot stronger once you start lifting weights.  Both myself and my clients have all received a surge in confidence from training because once you feel stronger your confidence soars.  So I'll ask, do you still think you're not strong enough to lift weights? Coach Louis Want to learn more about training with weights and my client's journeys? Follow the links below. 

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