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Be More Like A Jaguar

So there I was watching my man Attenborough voice over the hunt of a jaguar. 

The jaguar hadn't eaten in a while and was getting pretty desperate to catch something.

He elegantly took his time each hunt slowly moving towards his prey until it was in striking distance.

As soon he was in his known striking range he'd go full pelt at his prey but most of the time went like this:

Strikes fail,

Strikes fail,

Strikes fail,

But yet he still kept trying.

No matter how many times he failed he would keep going for every opportunity possible.

You need to treat your nutrition and training like the jaguar treats its hunts.

There's a reason why a jaguar doesn't sprint from a mile away at its prey to try and catch it, he knows he would fail if he did. He would burn himself out before he even gets to it, his target would be long gone and he knows what his limitations are.

The jaguar doesn't quit after every failed attempt either because he knows he will eventually be successful and the more times he tries the more successful he will be. 

You on the other hand start sprinting from a mile away causing yourself to become massively fatigued before you get anywhere near your target and then quit altogether. 

Every time the jaguar failed he also learned more about hunting, what not to do, what to do, so next time he'd be more successful.

To kill and eat is an instinct they have from birth but to be able to hunt and catch its prey is learned from its mother and through trial and error.

You can't give up every time you have a minor setback or when you experience failure because if you do you literally won't get anywhere.

Ok, it's slightly different in the sense that if the jaguar doesn't keep trying he will die of starvation.

However, we know that a sedentary lifestyle leads to muscle wastage, brittle bone disease, cardiovascular disease, and more.

We know that having excess body fat for prolonged periods also has negative effects on our health and can lead to cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

We know that a diet lacking in vital nutrients and minerals leads to all the above and more health complications including depression too. 

We also know that you don't have to feel unhealthy to develop some of these conditions, you can feel fine but still be unhealthy. 

Yes exercising and eating well helps improve your confidence, your body shape, and your happiness but we can not forget or not heighten the importance of it for our health too. 

You need to be smart with your approach and be more like the jaguar.

Learn from more experienced people around you.

Learn from your mistakes.

Don't sprint too early and burn yourself out.

And never give up, keeping hunting for your goals, and then set your sights on the next target.

Coach Louis



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