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Do You Value Yourself Enough?

Do you value your goals and happiness?

Working out consistently is the only way to get results, failing to stay consistent with your workouts week in and week out will result in no progress.

But as we all know, staying consistent isn't always easy and at times can be difficult.

We often put things or others before it. We put it off because we've had a busy day, or because we just don't schedule a time for it.

I say we because this is exactly what I have been doing too.

I have been putting work and my clients above me and my training, I also have not been organising my time efficiently to train like I should have been. 

It was hard to see that I was doing this but my training was something easy to put off doing. 

However, this week that has changed, I'm scheduling more workouts and making sure that I make the time to do them.

Does this make me selfish or care less about my business or clients? 

Absolutely not, it just means I am going to be valuing myself more and making sure I take time for me too. 

I love the quote's "You can't serve others from an empty vessel" & "Fit your own oxygen mask first"

You can't help anyone out if you're running on empty with nothing to give and you can't apply anyone else's oxygen mask if you're unconscious.

I have been too busy and caught up serving everyone else's needs and my business's needs that I forgot about my own.

This doesn't mean that I am going to stop serving them and working hard for them but it does mean that I am going to be making non-negotiable time where I can work on me. 

And you should be doing the same.

You making non-negotiable time to work on you is far from selfish, it's just valuing yourself and your needs as well as everyone else's.

Yes you have a family that you need to look after, yes you have work commitments to follow but you also have yourself to look after and goals you want to achieve that require you to make some commitments and to not break them.

If you don't you will never be fully happy, satisfied, or able to give the best version of you to others.

Right now I want to improve my shape and get stronger and I can only do that by training more frequently.

So, this week I have taken control of my time, I have scheduled in when I'm training and not letting things get in the way of it. Again not because I am being selfish but because I need to start valuing me and my own time too. 

I challenge you to do the same this upcoming week, make time for you throughout the week and stick to it. Not because you're selfish and your needs come above anyone else's but because you value yourself.

Don't forget to also schedule in time for others too though. 

It's about getting that right balance.

If you always cook what your partner or family wants, schedule in time to cook what you want this week.

If you train three times per week but want to do four because you know you'll get quicker results and ultimately be happier then schedule it in.

Remember a happier you is a better you and this also better's everyone around you. 


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