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Eating Cake And Getting Lean

The following message is what my client Tracie had written in a post earlier this week talking about her transformation these past 6 months she's been working with me. 

"MONDAY MOTIVATION- sometimes you have to look back to move forward. I was feeling like no progress was being made with my fitness and body shape, feeling like I’d made no progress. (Probably because I also know how much cake I eat too) I thought I’d look back and put my post Christmas pic, next to yesterday’s pic. NOW THERE IS THE DIFFERENCE!! It’s taken 6 MONTHS, to make this change. I know if I could be more disciplined with my diet, I would probably get better results ... but LIFE is for LIVING !! I am not ready to cut ‘cake’ out of my life just yet, so I will just have to work a little harder in my online gym sessions. Been so grateful to have the support of @lemon_frog_fitness during lockdown, 4 sessions a week has helped to keep me sane!! Lol or at least pass away 4 hrs of the week."

and this is the photo of her transformation.  

An insane transformation, I'm so proud of her and what she has achieved not only physically but her mentality towards the journey too. Life is for living she's 100% right, so many people take the all or nothing approach, the diet has to be 1000% all the time nothing "unhealthy" can be consumed ever, if you're not suffering you're not dieting or training right. This is the mentality that needs to be forgotten, long gone are the days where you have to eat and train like a strict bodybuilder to get results, you can get them whilst still enjoying things like cake. Has Tracie had to make changes? of course she has, she has had to be aware of the calories she's consuming, she has had to stay consistent with that and her training and she has had to reduce the amount of high calorie treats she was eating. REDUCE being the keyword here, not cut out or remove.

You yourself can achieve similar results whilst still enjoying your favourite foods and living your life you just need to be smart in the approach you take. If you'd like to receive similar results along with the support that Tracie has then you can put your name on my waiting list HERE and I will contact you as soon as a space open. Coach Louis



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