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How To Unlock Your True Motivation

Do you find that you can have a period of really high motivation, where everything is going well, nothing distracts you, nothing pulls your focus, and then suddenly everything does?

The things that you didn’t seem to struggle avoiding now feel near impossible to avoid.

Going to the gym and getting your steps up seemed to be a breeze but now you have to try drag yourself to the gym.

This is something that will be happening to you if don't follow the tips that I'm about to layout for you.

January is easy to find motivation.

It’s a fresh start, a New Year, everyone's out doing the same thing so you have plenty of support, you want to feel and look better because last year you didn’t achieve what you wanted so you're fired up to change that.

Then February gets slightly tougher and between March and May, you feel like dropping off.

This is such a common issue but is easily rectified in a few simple steps.

To unlock lifelong motivation, you just need to ask yourself the right questions and get motivated about the right reasons, not the wrong reasons.

Right now I bet your goals are pretty vague:

"I want to lose a stone."

"I want to look better on my holiday this year."

"I want to feel fitter."

These aren’t your actual goals, only a small part of them.

You need emotional attachments to your goals and the above aren’t unlocking them in any way.

You need your goals to be more something like this:

“I want to lose a stone because I’m unconfident in a dress/shirt I used to love and I now can’t wear it. I find myself wearing a lot of black clothing and I hide parts of my body because I don't want anyone to see them. I want to get back into my favourite clothes, wear stuff without feeling uncomfortable and feel proud of my body, not ashamed.”

“I want to look better on holiday this year because last year I wasn’t confident in my bikini/shorts. I don’t want to constantly feel like people are looking at me and judging me. I want to walk down the beach and by the pool confidently and happy, I don't want to worry about what people think.”

“I want to feel fitter so I can keep up with my kids, I don't want to feel tired at the end of my working day or feel like I'm struggling to keep up with them. I want to be able to run around with them and their children when they have them and I'm older. I want to live a long pain-free life, I don’t want to feel old or feel like my fitness holds me back from things and I want to set a good example to my kids about taking care of themselves and that it’s important.”

How much more powerful and motivating is the latter goals?

You need to be finding the emotional attachment to your goals, keep asking yourself why until you unlock your true goal.

Another reason you will struggle with motivation after a couple of months is boredom.

If you are still doing the same routine as when you started, not challenging yourself or trying to learn new things your motivation will plummet.

Imagine doing piano sessions but every week you just play the same tune as when you first started.

Imagine learning to draw but drawing the same picture every single session.

Imagine wanting to learn how to cook but every lesson you cook the same dish.

How long do you truly think you could keep that up, without variety, without learning new things, without progression?

Not long at all, so why do you do the same with your gym routine and your diet?

You do the same exercises and lift the same weights in every single gym session for months on end.

You try and eat the same thing every single day without trying or experimenting with new dishes.

This is going to be incredibly boring and you also aren’t going to see any improvements after 10-12 weeks. 

You need to switch things up every 4-6 weeks, you need to try to lift heavier or for more reps every session, you need to try and learn new exercises, try new foods, experiment with new flavours.

You need to be constantly evolving and progressing, this will ensure you’re motivation is always high and never dropping. 

Once you:

- Find out your real reason why.

- Switch up your workouts every 4-6 weeks.

- Try and learn new exercises regularly.

- And aim to get stronger each week, beating the last.

You’ll wake up raring to go, step in the gym ready to smash a workout, and you will no longer find it difficult to eat healthily. 

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