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In Trouble With My Client's... Again

I haven't seen my clients face to face in a very long time now, at least 4 months.

And despite not have trained with me in person for 4 months I still got myself in trouble.

It turns out that during being forced to go online with them I've had a big impact.

This week I've had 3 of them tell me.

My clothes no longer fit me,

And they either had to throw them out or give them to charity.

One of them was having to roll up the waistband to her leggings during the session to stop them from slipping down. 

Another's wasn't fitting her waist but fit perfectly around her glutes (booty gains an that).

And the other client he had to give all of his away because his legs and arms grew that much they were too tight to get into.

I'm often responsible for my clients having to buy new clothes because they no longer fit.

They end up having to spend a small fortune on their clothes or try to be creative in ways to make them fit.

Like customising a belt with new holes.

But having to buy new clothes in a smaller or larger size or having to buy clothes you never thought you'd ever feel comfortable in isn't a bad thing, is it?

 I love being able to achieve this with my clients it makes me very happy that I help them reach their goals.

But do you know what makes me even happier?

Seeing the changes that the eye can't see.

You'd be amazed by how different a lot of my clients are now mentally since joining me, they're completely different people.

I've seen mums never wear anything that didn't cover up their stomach and hated it when their partner touched their body.

I've seen guys to embarrassed to take off their top when on holiday or on the beach.

I've seen men and women both feel so down because they felt like they've let themselves go and wasn't good enough.

And I've seen both affected so much by it that their confidence is on the floor, even the ones that are upbeat and positive on the inside deep down have very low confidence because of how they look.

This is truly devastating to me and is the reason I got into my profession.

I've experienced this before and I never want people to feel how I felt because it's truly crushing.

I want people to feel how I and my clients feel now because no one deserves to feel like they can't feel confident and do the things they want to because of how they look.

You deserve better than that. 

Picture a situation now that you don't feel confident in.

You know the one where you feel everyone is staring at you, judging that particular part of your body. 

The area you don't want anyone to see because you're embarrassed by it.

The one area you really want to see an improvement in so you can finally start to feel more confident again.

Now picture that changing. 

Imagine how you would feel seeing a difference there and no longer feeling unconfident in that situation.

No longer feeling crippled by it and held back by it and how much happier you would feel because of that.

This is something that can be achieved.

Don't believe me?

Just ask Lisa who now for the first time feels comfortable enough having her legs on show which she never dreamed of before.  

Ask Darren who felt confident enough to not keep his chest and belly covered up on holiday.

Ask Monique who for the first time in her life bought a bikini and wore it rather than a swimsuit. 

Ask Dom who now doesn't feel like he should be ashamed of his body and has no fear of not wearing a top when on the beach.

These are all things than you can achieve, either one of those above scenarios can be you, you can feel what they feel and you also deserve too.

If right now you are happy that is amazing and believe me that makes me super happy too.

But if you aren't then let's get you there, lets get you feeling happier.

I'm starting a brand new group coaching programme to help you achieve the above. 

But not only that but to also give you the education so you can keep it up and keep pursuing it even once the plan is done. 

Leap Into 6 is a 6 week plan designed to help you lose weight and keep it off, tone up, and gain confidence in your body.

The plan is designed to keep accountability at its highest to help make it easy to stay on track and achieve your goals.

This programme will be run in a private facebook group so no one else can gain access unless they're on the plan so there is total privacy.

Every day there will be things going on in the group whether they're little challenges, informative information, accountability posts, you name it it will be there.

You will have the choice of training 3-4 days per week either from home or the gym the programmes are designed to get great results in both.

You will have sample meal plans you can choose to replicate or not.

If not I will personally assess your diet and show you and educate you on how to make changes. 

All of your workouts, results, and nutrition will be stored on my easy to use app on your phone.

Each week you will also have access to a private Live Q&A with me where you can ask me anything you want, find out answers to questions that others ask that you may not think of and important information on key topics to help excel your results.

This programme will be starting on the 10th of August and running for 6 weeks.

Imagine that, by the end of September that situation you pictured above that made you feel unconfident and self-conscious could be massively different or even gone. 

The end of September isn't long away and you could be happier and more confident by then. 

The programme is £140 for the 6 weeks, that's just £23 a week. 

For the first 10 people who purchase the plan once the doors open tomorrow for the waitlist and Monday for the public will get the chance to split the price over 2 payments of £75 each.

I decided to add this because I understand that £140 upfront may be a bit much for people and I want this programme to be accessible as possible because I really want to help you out. 

To jump on the waiting list (for free)and gain priority access to LI6 all you need to do is click the link below.

As soon as you do an email will be sent through with further details.

Click Here to join the LI6 waitlist.

Coach Louis

P.s if you have any other questions please feel free to ask :) 



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