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My Aggressive Calorie Deficit

I was going to tell you about this back along, I just never got around to doing so. As they say though "it's better late than never" so today I will at long last reveal to you that..... I have hired an online coach to coach me with my nutrition and my training. The first initial reaction people have when they hear this is "Why are you hiring a trainer when you're one?"

Firstly I spend my entire week helping people with their training and nutrition. Creating training plans to suit their lifestyle and meet their goals. Providing education on nutrition relative to each individual and helping them make improvements to get their body compositional goals. The last thing I want to do in my spare time is to work on my own too. Secondly, because I can learn a lot from others, find out how they do things, ask questions about why they've got me doing 'this instead of that?' Why they do things in a particular way and how to go about certain things. It not only helps me get a better physique but also helps my business and clients too. Plus the guy I've hired is an expert in muscle building. He's competed in shows, he's been training others to do the same, and he has also been coached by experienced coaches in the industry. I can learn a lot from him, free up my own time, clear some headaches, and apply it to my business. The mystery man I speak of is Dan, the guy that has mentored me this last year. Safe to say he's making a pretty penny off me 😉 But it's super worth it because of all the reasons listed above. My goal is to gain size because I lost a lot of it a couple of years ago when I had my shoulder injury, you know the one I never shut up about? Yeah, that one. I lost 14kg, 14!!!! 2.2 stone. If I were to estimate 6-7kg was muscle the rest was body fat. So yeah I lost a fair bit of size which I have slowly built back the past year but without structure and routine, which is needed for optimal growth. I'm currently in an aggressive dieting phase to lose body fat. Before you ask let me explain why. When going into a building phase also known as a massing phase you inevitably add body fat, this is because you need to be in a calorie surplus (experience depended). If I were to build (mass) now I'd end up accumulating more body fat than I desire to have, it would also result in a harder/longer cutting phase after to diet back down to lower levels of body fat. By dieting first I will be able to stay leaner whilst I build muscle and have an easier time getting body fat off at the end of the building phase. So how aggressive is my diet? 1000 calories less per day aggressive. To put that in perspective, I'm on 65% of my needed calories per day to maintain weight. I'm roughly only on 200 calories extra than what my body would need if I was in a coma, that aggressive. The reason being I prefer to get in and out, no months upon months of eating in a calorie deficit. Just a short 5-6 weeks to get the body fat off before returning to a calorie surplus to go on a building phase. It's like robbing the bank, get in get as much cash as you can and get out as quick as you can. I'm 2 weeks in I feel great, lots of energy, sleeping well, not feeling starved, and my training is still good. I'm also currently just over 3kg down. Anyway, this journey is something I'm documenting and sharing as I go along. I've even created a youtube video to share my current diet with you and that's what I wish to show you right now. If you'd like to get an insight into my current diet you can click the link below. Click Here to watch my youtube video about my aggressive diet. Coach Louis P.s this is my first proper youtube video so if you could comment, like, and subscribe I'd not only be super grateful but you'll also be notified every time I bring out a new video that will help educate you in nutrition & training.



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