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Struggling To Lose Weight? You'll Want To Read This!!

Have you ever said the following sentence "I'm doing everything in my power to lose weight but I just can't"? You like many others try very hard to lose weight but despite all of your hard efforts you still can't seem to lose much if any. Is it a damaged metabolism?  Is it the survival response that makes you store fat?  Maybe your and their bodies just aren't built to lose weight? The truth is it's not down to any of the above. You see if you break it down to the bottom line it is calories in vs calories out for weight loss. If you are at the heaviest or one of the heaviest's you've been your metabolism won't be damaged nor will you be in the "starvation response" and store fat no matter what you eat. (which isn't a thing by the way). So if you aren't losing weight it's down to the approach you are taking and somewhere somehow you are consuming too many calories for the amount you move.  Granted not knowingly nor on purpose but somewhere, somehow, it is happening.  The biggest problems seem to come from education/knowledge around calories and nutrition along with the type of approach taken. Most people don't know that 1tbsp of olive oil is 120 calories!! and an unmeasured poor can easily rack up 300+ calories.  Nor do they know that one medium avocado is 320ish calories, a bag of uncle bens rice is around 400ish calories, 5 chocolate digestive biscuits are 430 calories, and a cappuccino is around 90-100 calories.  The unmeasured oil, avocado, uncle bens rice, 5 biscuits, and 2 cappuccinos add up to 1650 calories alone. That's before adding up your eggs, toast, and butter you had with your avocado for breakfast, the chicken, peppers, and cheese with you rice for lunch, the belvita biscuit as a snack, and your entire dinner.  Education around calories and nutrition is so important because without knowing the calories of foods as 99.9% of the time you will underestimate it. There was a study where nutritionists were asked to estimate their calorie intake and even they underestimated the amount they had consumed. So if you're not losing weight this will be the main reason. Another reason might be that you're following a restrictive diet where too many things are off-limits, and you're not allowed to eat much. This leads to a lot of excessive indulgences, particularly on the weekends.  Although you may be "good" in the week you end up blowing it on the weekends because the plan you're following is too hard and quite frankly boring.  "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results" - Albert Einstein  If you have ever said the words "I've done everything I can to lose weight but it doesn't work" whilst only following the same approaches then frankly I'm sorry to say it but you haven't tried enough. There is always more you can do to achieve results that's why the above statement falls flat because I guarantee there's a lot more you can do. Are you tracking everything that passes your lips on an app? Are you weighing and measuring all the food you consume? Are you regularly tracking your measurements and weight and making informed decisions on the outcome?  Are you investing in your education on nutrition and training? Are you training with weights a minimum of 3-5 times per week? Are you hitting your step goals every day/week? Are you hiring a nutritionist or personal trainer to help educate you and give you a plan? If the answer is no to any of these then there is definitely more you can do.  Weight loss is simple but not easy and some do find it harder than others. Do we all have the capacity to be very lean? No, but we do all have the ability to lose weight, look better and be happy.  P.s if you want to have a faster metabolism start weight training to increase your muscle mass, the more muscle you have the more calories you burn and the better you can handle carbs.


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