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Here's how Project Sculpt & Tone can help you:


Project Sculpt & Tone is an 8-week course designed specifically for women like you who want to feel more confident in the gym, never worry about doing an exercise wrong in the gym and have a body you feel more confident in.


8-weeks is all it's going take to stop you second guessing if you're doing exercises right and gain consistency with your diet like never before.


It doesn't matter if you're a complete beginner to the gym and have no idea where to start, don't know what macros are, and need guidance and direction.


Or if you're a gym fanatic, love to train hard, and have consistently tracked your calories before but want a push in the right direction.


Project Sculpt & Tone will help you take your results and confidence to the next level.




Because this course is unlike anything else out there.


I know you're fed up with following crappy YouTube workouts and trend-chasing fitness routines flooding social media.

They're created to look "cool" and "exciting" to gain followers, not get you results.


Project Sculpt & Tone is different.


The entire prorgamme is based on principle and getting you the best results possible.


You see, most influencers and fitness programmes don't care about you.


All they care about is getting as many people to sign up for their programme as quickly as possible so they can grow their bank account.


They pray for 1000s of people to sign up because they know at least a handful will get results they can post.


If you throw shit at a wall, some of it will stick.


Project Sculpt & Tone is different because it's the complete opposite.


Project Sculpt & Tone focuses on quality. That's why I only provide limited spots to ensure every participant attains the outcomes they deserve.


Throughout this journey, I'll be your personal coach—by your side, every step of the way.

No more solitary attempts at following generic workout templates.

I'll provide unwavering support when you're teetering,

Guidance when you're seeking direction,

And a helping hand to rescue you from any stumbling blocks.

and there to help you get off that slippery slope you're currently stuck on.

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Here's what this 8-week programme will give you:


  • A structured programme to follow in the gym so you know exactly what to do from the moment you get there til the moment you leave. (Home workouts are also available).


  • Alternative exercises so you don't look like a lemon when the machine you want to use is occupied. Helping you learn alternative exercises.


  • Video demonstrations by me coaching you how to use everything correctly and avoid the embarrassment of doing things wrong.


  • The ability to understand nutrition, lose fat and build muscle without hating your diet and feeling restricted.


  • You'll also have accountability and support like you've never experienced before with weekly check-ins from me and being part of a community of like-minded women, all embracing the same journey with you.


Imagine it.


After the eight weeks, you'll finally be able to walk into your gym and confidently lift weights.


You'll finally no longer have a pile of clothes thrown on your bed that you didn't feel good enough to wear.


And you will no longer need to rely on motivation to stick to your gym and diet. You'll be able to stick to it regardless of how you feel.


So if you want to fall in love with lifting weights and see the results and confidence you always wanted, ending up like some of these legends below, sign up now and let's start this journey together.

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