Lemon Frog Fitness


Fat Loss 1-2-1 Coaching 

If fat loss is your goal then you're looking in the right place, we specifically design our fat loss programmes for you as an individual, no generic plans here. When we design your fat loss plan it will be designed and focussed on you lowering your body fat levels whilst keeping you strong in the gym. The biggest problem we see when people strive for fat loss is they take on diets they don't enjoy, workouts they don't look forward to doing. This is a recipe for failure and thats why we ensure you get results whilst eating foods you enjoy and look forward to your workouts. 

Below is what you will receive when training with us for fat loss:

Daily Contact - At the end of each day we will get you to send across your total calories and steps for the day. This will help cement the habit of tracking your calories and hitting your previously discussed step goal. This will also give us a chance to touch base everyday, address any issues you may have and keep you progressing towards your goals.


Nutrition Analysis - During our first week of training we will have you write down everything you eat and drink, this allows us to assess your current eating habits and help advise and make simple adjustments to promote fat loss.


Workout App - We will get you set up on our easy to use app where you will receive all your training routines, calorie targets, sample nutrition plans and recipes. You can also keep in contact with us through this app and track your progress from measurements to how much weight you’ve lifted. 


Suggested Weekly Sessions - Depending on your current level of experience and equipment access you will require 2-3 training sessions per week. This aids the learning and habit engraining process in order to gain results. Amount of sessions can be amended along the way (you won’t need to see me this much forever).


Daily Nutrition Checks - Along with checking your total daily calories and step count we will also analyse your nutrition logged through the app to help offer up advise on where improvements can be made if needed.


Measurement Updates - We will retake your measurements once every 4 weeks (more often if preferred) to ensure progress is being made and continuing in the right direction.


£300 Per 10 sessions.