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1. Consultations

Learn how to give effective and well structured consultations helping improve sign up rate and demonstrate how your services can help potential clients.

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Consultations Updated 

This is the updated consultation video of how we currently run them. I have left the last video in as you may find this style suits you better. 

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2. On-Boarding

This training covers everything you need to know to be able to set up new clients for the best possible start on their journey providing a great service from the offset. 

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3. Check-Ins

This training covers how to deliver effective check-ins for your clients helping them feel motivated and keeping them on track.

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This training covers how to troubleshoot clients who are struggling to see results or stick to their plan. This training will allow you to identify the reason and provide a solution.

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5. What Makes A Good Coach

This training covers how our coaches and their coaching needs to be and how to give a good service and why that is important.

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6. How To Build Relationships In DM's

This training teaches you how to have more meaningful conversations online. You will learn how to become and authority, why you're currently being ghosted, and how to build more relationships that you thought possible.

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