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What Our Clients Say

I found Louis through a friend who was already training with him, my only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner as the improvements in my fitness and health have been amazing. My goal was to be fitter and to tone up and I’ve achieved that and more. 
This is not some silly fad based on absolute nonsense. Louis has a simple, common sense, sustainable approach to exercise and nutrition. He works with you to devise a programme that’s fun, challenging and varied, there’s no requirement to exist solely on rabbit food or work out 26 times a week. It’s simple, fun and it works. I can fit into clothes I haven’t worn in years, I can do movements that I thought I’d never do again due to my knackered joints, I leave every session feeling on top of the world and genuinely looking forward to the next one. Give it a go, you won’t regret it.

- Zoe Newall

If you are considering having personal training, look no further than Louis - I can wholeheartedly recommend him. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. It was always something I’d considered but didn’t feel that going around a crowded gym with a PT was for me. I was drawn to what Louis had to offer as it is true one-to-one personal training in his own very well equipped private gym - it’s only ever you and him there. 

During our initial consultation, it was clear that Louis was incredibly knowledgeable in his field. For me personally, Louis took on board some very specific requirements in terms of my ability and has been able to seamlessly build this in to the routines. The advice Louis gives is very easy to follow - there are no complicated calculations and there’s no expensive nutrition plans and so on. It’s just simple, factual advice which in turn means it’s something I feel anyone should be able to adhere to. No special foods and nothing is demonised - for fat loss, it’s just about calories and within that, you can pretty much eat what you like. 

You get a complete package with Louis - the training sessions, personalised routines, nutrition guidance, an app for keeping track, check-ins to see if there’s anything he can help - the list goes on. He really is so supportive and encouraging. I always look forward to my sessions with Louis and always leave feeling alive! Even if I’ve have had a bad day, feeling tired, whatever, I always feel so much better after my PT session. Louis truly cares about his clients, is so friendly and just a great guy - it’s a pleasure to spend time with him. Above all, I trust him completely. 

I saw results much, much quicker than expected. I’ve lost body fat and I’m changing shape in a good way. However, the results go way beyond just the physical ones - I’m happier, more confident, sleep better, my moods are more stable, I have a much better relationship with food and drink, I feel good at work - I even feel I walk taller!

Thanks to the way Louis does things, I’ve been able to achieve great results whilst living a completely normal life - I’ve eaten out, worked away, been on holiday, been to parties etc etc, it’s just simple, sustainable changes, time and patience. 

I guess before I took the leap and started with Louis, I really didn’t understand just how much personal training can give you, and it really is changing my life. I’m already so proud of what I’ve achieved and can’t wait to see what comes next! 

Thank you, Louis! 

-Darren Hartley

I started with Lemon Frog Fitness two years ago and I can honestly say it has been the best decision I’ve ever made! , before I was struggling with confidence/body image. Louis put me on a brilliant program for building muscle (and have since put on 13kg muscle), and having the free app is such an asset for tracking measurements, workouts programs etc. Each session is interesting, fun and never dull/boring. I always look forward to our sessions as I’m always leaving with fantastic advice and the support is always there!!! In such a positive environment. Louis is a truly inspiring, always friendly, informative and trust me he really knows what he’s talking about! He is so completely committed and dedicated to his clients and is always a text message away. I would urge anyone looking for PT in Plymouth chose Lemon Frog Fitness believe me you won’t regret it.


- Dom Ross

What  could be better than a day without pain?! Those who suffer dealing with daily tasks will understand me well, how pleased i am to have no pain, feel stronger, slimmer, more positive, happier and to receive more compliments, the way i look now, all these goals have been achieved when i started personal training with Louis. Highly recommend, so if you have an issue don't wait on a miracle contact Louis.   


-  Egi Vecerskiene

Whilst I enjoy keeping fit there is something about personal training that is so different to just going to the gym. I feel stronger, fitter and more energised. Louis pushes me to do just that little bit more every time and I just have a huge smile on my face when I have achieved it. I leave my session absolutely buzzing!!. He was quick to realise what made me tick and how to motivate me. By asking questions after different exercises he then tailored our sessions so that I was getting the most out of it and pushing me to do 'that little bit extra'. He trains very safely too and does really good warm ups and cool downs. I would happily recommend anyone to train with Louis.   


-  Monique Hirschman

When I first started personal training with Louis I couldn't even lift a vacuum up the stairs. I am now able to do 100kg deadlifts. The experience and strength transformation has been amazing! The studio is alway clean and its private therfore there's no need to feel self conscious. Louis is very professional at all times and willing to adapt the training to your needs. The free meal plan has allowed me to start to really think about what I should be eating and the helpful videos are an excellent bonus.

- Clarissa Witt

Had my first personal training session this morning @ Lemon Frog Fitness, I haven't done any gym work for a very long time so was a little apprehensive at first. 
Most of my exercise is cardio work so I was quite looking forward to the challenge. 
From the moment I arrived Louis made me feel very welcome. He took time to listen & find out what I wanted out of the session before starting which made me feel at ease. 
The session went really quickly & I really enjoyed it.
Louis is very knowledgable & professional whilst encouraging at the same time. 
I would highly recommend Louis for anyone who is looking for health & fitness improvements

- Michele Pearce


Very Professional. 
Great initial assessment finding out all about what your goal is. Plan devised in order to help you achieve your goal. Louis is encouraging and motivational, the 'one to one' environment means you have no need to feel self conscious about other people 'watching'. The gym is REALLY clean, with a good range of equipment. I look forward to my weekly sessions :)


- Tracie Gunningham