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I Saw results much, much quicker than expected. I’ve lost body fat and I’m changing shape in a good way. However, the results go way beyond just the physical ones - I’m happier, more confident, sleep better, my moods are more stable, I have a much better relationship with food and drink, I feel good at work - I even feel I walk taller! Thanks to the way Louis does things, I’ve been able to achieve great results whilst living a completely normal life.

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My Journey with The Lemon Frog Fitness has been life-changing mentally and physically I feel stronger, fitter and more energised. Louis pushes me to do just that little bit more every time and I just have a huge smile on my face when I have achieved it. I've had to buy all new clothes because my old ones are too big and for the first time ever I am confident enough to wear a bikini on holiday.

I felt frustrated with myself because I spent so many years going around in circles. Since joining The Lemon Frog Fitness Company I have achieved an amazing amount of weight lost, (44lbs) and I am so proud an pleased with that. I am finally fully committed to my journey.

- Beverley Rouse

Before starting my journey with The Lemon Frog Fitness Company I was very unconfident and I didn't know what I was doing. The programmes designed for me didn't scare me and I didn't make me feel I was having to restrict myself in anyway and I was seeing results quickly. Since achieving my transformation I feel a lot happier and more confident in myself which goes a lot further than just body image and being at the gym. 

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Since starting with The Lemon Frog Fitness Company my confidence has come on leaps and bounds I feel happier within myself and I no longer feel ashamed and the need to hide my body. Louis put me on a brilliant program for building muscle (and have since put on 13kg muscle). I'm always receiving fantastic advice and the support is always there!!! He is so completely committed and dedicated to his clients and is always a message away.

Dom R Transformation.png

I felt lost going to classes because I wasn't seeing the results I expected and it left me feeling disenchanted. But since joining The Lemon Frog Fitness Company I now have the confidence to wear what I want.

- Lisa Butcher


I have lost a stone and 11 inches, I have a lot more energy and got my confidence back. Louis has given me the attitude and motivation to carry on and keep achieving results. He also took time out to contact me personally and give me food tips, advice, and help where needed.  I was really happy with my programme and how it was put together the whole experience has been excellent and has given me a boost in confidence, and vava voom back in energy.


I'm really happy with how my body looks since starting already, I have lost 2.3kg  fat and I'm happier that my clothes are looking better when I'm wearing them and I am feeling a lot more confident.  Louis has been inspirational and provides great client care and service. I love the fact that Louis is a 'realist' he accepts that we all have some days that our diets are better than others. When and if these days happen, Louis will give you tips to get you back on track, so that your progress is not stunted.

Before I started at The Lemon Frog I was always really self conscious about my body image and weight. Since starting I have seen a big difference in this and I'm so proud about how strong I've become.

- Katy Gamble

Louis made me feel very comfortable and put me in a very positive head space. He was encouraging and always on hand to help and answer any questions I had regarding food,exercise and even my moods, as they were changing throughout my time with him. He is an encyclopedia of knowledge regarding all aspects of becoming happier with your body which I have found priceless ever since.I've lost 9lbs in weight and approximately 18cm all over. Great improvement on strength and overall feeling in better health.

Lisa N Transform.png

 I've hit so many PBs in the gym, my strength and body confidence have really grown, and I was amazed with the results I got even in such a short time, (12 weeks). Really the best result for me has been the healthy habits that I've now included into my everyday routine. His advice and guidance have really set me on the right path and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey.

Rachel Change.png

Before I started with The Lemon Frog I was at a point in my life were I wasn't happy at all.  I wasn't happy with the way I looked, how I felt, or what I was eating. That's where Ben come and saved me. I'm proud of how much I have achieved and toned up. I now have a lot more control and energy in my life.

- Kathy Martin


I’d tried losing weight through diet & exercise for years, and although I was fairly fit, my body shape never changed. But then I came across Lemon Frog Fitness.

I was amazed at the high level of input/consultation they gave including weekly check-in videos, on-line chat, they were there to answer any query, however small. That was a year ago and I’ve lost over 10% of my body weight, my shape has changed, I’m toned, am eating healthier, have more energy and just feel more confident.


Before I started with The Lemon Frog Fitness Company I was afraid to wear shorts and dresses as my legs were my least favourite body part. I now feel confident enough to wear them and no longer feel I have to worry. It turns out that it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
From day one they have listened to what I wanted to get out of my training and helped me to achieve my goals.

Would you like to start your fitness journey with us, and start seeing results like this?
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