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Getting The Balance Right

Building the correct balance with your life and your fitness can be difficult but is essential to get right. If you can get the balance right it will make it become much easier and more enjoyable.

Nobody likes or relates to that guy that brings asparagus and lean steak to a bbq, weird analogy right? Well that guy was me, I took my fitness and diet way to seriously and bought asparagus and lean steak to a bbq because I was trying to lose body fat. Did I enjoy it? At the time yes because I do love being committed to my health and fitness. But looking back I think what a fool, one meal was not going to compromise my body composition. Yes everyone took the piss out of me all night and rightly so. The worst part of the bbq was all the asparagus fell through the grill into the fire so I just had the steak.

When theres an event or a meal out you should enjoy yourself because one meal will not change your body composition. You need to enjoy your life and get a healthy balance between enjoying yourself but not becoming unhealthy in the process.

It can be difficult to get the balance and it will take persistence to get it right, but it will be totally worth it. Some people reading this will relate to how I was, trying to eat healthy meals all the time. You feel good at the time you are sticking to your goals and what you set out to do, however you eventually realise it is bit of a weird obsession.

Then theres other people that will be completely opposite and enjoy them selves too much at the cost of their health, they will find themselves gaining weight constantly because they can’t say no.

Both aren’t a great place to be but they come with different difficulties this is why you need to get the right balance.

You need to fit fitness around your life not life around your fitness. If you miss gym one day there is no real reason to sweat it, it is only one day. Instead of beating yourself up about it just make it up another day or add an extra 15 minutes onto another workout. In the grand scheme of things missing one workout will not cause you to become fat.

If you know you have an event coming up let’s say a birthday or a meal with friends then you need to plan for such an event. If you want to enjoy yourself at this meal the smart thing to do would be to decrease your calories for the week before the meal. If you were to lower your calories by 150 a day it would give you an extra 900 calories for that day which is a substantial amount. By doing this you will still be in your calorie deficit meaning you can still lose weight and enjoy yourself guilt free.

If you have any other questions you can contact me through my facebook page The Lemon Frog Fitness Company, my Instagram @lemon_frog_fitness or email


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